A Helping Spirit

James Brandly, content writer and public relations manager for TropiClean, discusses the company’s wide range of solution-oriented products and strong commitment to community service.




Pet Business: Tell us about TropiClean’s approach to developing high-quality pet products. What has made the company stand out in the pet industry for nearly 30 years?

James Brandly: We pay attention to the needs of pet parents and their pets. In each category we pursue, we strive to provide excellent, quality products that are natural and safe for pets and their people.


PB: TropiClean got its start with grooming products, which remain a big part of the company’s offerings. What are some of your latest and greatest developments in this category?

Brandly: When we create new grooming products, we make sure that all our formulas don’t include harmful chemicals. We continue to research and innovate new grooming solutions for pets and their people. In the past year, we introduced our new Lime and Coconut Shampoo, and our Lime and Cocoa Butter Conditioner. We also introduced our new natural TropiClean Flea & Tick line.


PB: What are some of the products included in the Natural Flea & Tick line? What are the key features of these items?

Brandly: All of the products in our TropiClean Natural Flea & Tick line are made with essential natural ingredients. They are safe, effective and kill fleas and ticks by contact, guaranteed. The line offers complete protection for pets, home and yard. We offer two shampoos—Max Strength and Soothing Relief—Max Strength Pet Spray, Max Strength Home Spray, Carpet Powder and Yard Spray. Each product contains five essential oils that are safe for both pets and their people. TropiClean also includes our AfterBath Relief, the only solution to soothe flea and tick bites.



PB: Tropiclean recently added Dental Chews to its popular Fresh Breath oral care line. What sets these products apart from other dental chews on the market? How do they complement the rest of the Fresh Breath line?

Brandly: Fresh Breath Dental Chews offer a unique chewy texture that is easily digestible and tastes great. The natural formula contains coconut, green tea and a natural mineral—SHMP—that is clinically proven to help reduce plaque and tartar. TropiClean Fresh Breath Dental Chews are now offered in three tasty flavors: Peanut Butter, Banana and Blueberry. The Dental Chews are another no-brushing solution to address the importance of oral care. When used with other Fresh Breath products like (but not limited to) our Fresh Breath Water Additives, Fresh Breath Oral Care Gel or Fresh Breath Foam, they can help maintain clean teeth, and keep pets’ breath fresh and mouth healthy.


PB: Tell us about the Life by Tropiclean line of nutritional supplements. What makes these supplements healthy for pets and attractive to pet owners? What are some recent developments in the line?

Brandly: Our Life by TropiClean Supplements for Dogs are ultra-concentrated, made with natural ingredients and easy to use. Each bottle contains the incredible goodness of coconut oil, omegas and vitamins, replenishing the loss of daily nutrients. We recently introduced our Life by TropiClean Hip & Joint Supplements and our Life by TropiClean Calming Aid Supplement for Dogs.



PB: Tropiclean is well-known for being very active in supporting a variety of charitable causes. What does giving back to the pet community mean to the company? What are some of the charities that Tropiclean has recently been involved with?

Brandly: Our company was founded on the concept of helping others, and that still is engrained in our culture here today. In fact, each employee receives paid days off for serving in the community or mission work. TropiClean helps as a company throughout the community through different organization like TropiClean First Impressions, Landon's Helping Paws and multiple charities. TropiClean First Impressions program works with animal shelters to provide products, resources and supplies with hopes of providing the very best first impressions for pets seeking their forever home. Another organization, Landon’s Helping Paws, helps place service dogs with individual kids with special needs. TropiClean has had the opportunity throughout the years to help Landon’s Helping Paws in different areas of fundraising.


This past year, TropiClean has helped over 60 charity events through donations and contributions. We’re constantly trying to help pets and their people. Giving back is not simply the heart and passion behind our TropiClean family, it’s the very reason our company exists.


PB: What does the future hold for Tropiclean?

Brandly: TropiClean will continue to innovate new, healthy, quality products for pets and their people. We strive to help those in need locally and around the world, all to the glory of God. PB


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