Bringing the Power of CBD to Pets

Medipets CBD is leveraging its parent company’s proven success in developing all-natural cannabidiol products to support pet wellness.




As we’ve seen in the pet industry time and time again, the most successful, sustainable animal care trends are often firmly rooted in the world of human nutrition and wellness. That is certainly the case with the growing popularity of products that utilize cannabidiol (CBD) to promote the well being of our four-legged friends.


Over the past couple of years, much buzz has been generated by the many human-health benefits associated with CBD-based products, including an ability to reduce inflammation and anxiety, as well as support skin, immune system and heart health. Now pet owners are looking to extend these positive effects to their pets.


“CBD has seen explosive growth and is expected to see much more over the next two or three years,” says Adam Mizrahi, marketing director for Medipets CBD. “There has been a lot of press surrounding CBD, talking about the business opportunities it holds, consumers’ acceptance and the medical reports and studies [on its health benefits]. And as consumers have accepted CBD products, they’ve started giving them to their pets as well. If you go on YouTube, you can see dogs with all kinds of medical conditions or anxiety problems getting immediate benefits from being given CBD.”



The potential that the hemp extract holds for pet health, combined with the overall opportunity that a growing pet care market holds for innovative businesses, made tailoring a CBD line for companion animals an attractive proposition for PotNetwork Holding, Inc. (POTN), one of the premier developers of cannabis-based products across a wide variety of human-focused categories. After all, who could be better positioned to take the trend from humans to pets than a company that has a proven track record in this emerging product category?


As a subsidiary of POTN, Medipets CBD has been able to leverage its parent company’s established expertise and resources to successfully manufacture, distribute and market a CBD line for companion animals. For example, its products are formulated with the same non-GMO, organically grown plants that other POTN subsidiaries source from farms in Kentucky, Colorado and Scandinavia. In addition, the company utilizes POTN’s proven extraction and third-party testing procedures to ensure it uses only the highest quality CBD.


“[Our human-focused sister company] offers one of the largest varieties of products in the industry,” says Mizrahi. “We work directly with our partners to get the industrial hemp and extract the CBD, and we manufacture the products ourselves—whereas a lot of other CBD companies are actually having others do the manufacturing for them. So, it’s really a top-down approach that gives consumers an opportunity to shop trusted brands that are leaders in the industry.”


Medipets CBD believes it is this type of approach that will ultimately prove vital to nurturing an emerging trend into a product category with real staying power.


“We’ve learned from experience that, because this is still a nascent industry, there is still a level of skepticism out there,” says Mizrahi. “So, we understand that we have to build some level of validation for the brand and our products. That includes making sure we provide high-quality products using pure, natural CBD, as well as posting third-party lab reports that cover not only the amount of CBD, but also that no unwanted chemicals or ingredients are used.


“It also means not making outlandish claims about what our products can accomplish, which has gotten other CBD companies in trouble. We’re try to provide as much transparency as possible, and we are getting better at it every day.”



Translating the Trend

Of course, transitioning from human products to those formulated for pets is more complicated than simply changing labels.


“There was a learning curve, because humans don’t see as much variation in weight as you’ll see in pets, which can range from a tiny cat to a gigantic dog,” explains Mizrahi. “As a result, we had to organize how we sell the product differently by basing the strength of each product on the weight of the animal for which it is intended. We also used a slightly different formulation for the CBD and, of course, tested the products to make sure they are suitable for pets.”


The result is a product line that began with Medipets CBD Oil drops in four strengths—for cats, as well as small, medium and large dogs. “This is the product that really brought CBD to the limelight,” says Mizrahi. “Oil drops are easy to give to the pet; you can put it in their food or water.”


Spring-boarding off the early success of its initial product offering, Medipets CBD has been busy expanding its lineup into new areas, growing from its four original SKUs to more than 30. This includes the recent introduction of a variety of treats in different strengths for dogs and cats. And, according to Mizrahi, many more products are on the way. “At the end of the day, it comes down to providing different mechanisms to deliver the CBD,” he explains.


As the company continues to grow its product lines, it is also focused on educating consumers, retailers and the wider pet care community on the positive impact that CBD can have on pet health, as well as what makes Medipets CBD a superior supplier. “Our goal is to attend different trade shows and reach out to the community to tell them what we are doing,” says Mizrahi.


Part of that outreach includes partnering with groups like Saving Sage, a South Florida animal rescue foundation that the company supplied with CBD products. According to Mizrahi, the rescue immediately started seeing great effects from the products on nervous pets, as well as pets with other afflictions. “They gave the CBD to a pet that was having seizures and it improved dramatically over the period of a week,” he says.



Another element of Medipets CBD’s engagement efforts is the company website (, which launched last month. The site serves as a hub for learning about the many health benefits associated with CBD, as well as what separates Medipets CBD from other suppliers in the category.


“One of the things that sets us apart is how we support the brand,” says Mizrahi. “We spend a lot of money and effort on marketing, including providing retailers with onsite materials they can use to sell the products. For example, we offer educational literature, as well as display stands that can be used to put the products in the right places in store. We also support the brand with a lot of traditional advertising and by utilizing social media—a lot of the things that made our company a leader in products for humans. We’re leveraging those same mechanisms to make Medipets CBD the leader in the pet space.” PB


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