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Josh Wiesenfeld, founder of Boxiecat, explain why his company's cat litter is cleaner, healthier and longer lasting than other options on the market.




What inspired the creation of Boxiecat? When/where/how was the company founded? 

Boxiecat was inspired by my cat Goldie. I was looking for a better litter solution for her and couldn’t find it, so I started Boxiecat 10 years ago in Santa Monica, Calif.


What sets Boxiecat litters apart from other options on the market? What is unique about the “Flat Top” clumps that Boxiecat litters form?

Litter care is typically difficult and unpleasant for people, and Boxiecat has a singular focus on a better consumer experience with litter care. Just like with pet foods, there are differences in the quality of ingredients across litters. Boxiecat offers litter that is cleaner, healthier and longer lasting. All our products are either veterinarian recommended or developed with a vet. And our vet helps with product and ingredient choices for both safety and efficacy.


The immediate difference all consumers will notice when using Boxiecat and BoxiePro litter is our Flat Top clump technology. All of our formulas instantly form a hard clump on the top of the box, rather than soaking to the bottom and sticking. You don’t have to scrape, and you don’t end up with all those tiny soiled particles that can never be removed because they go right through the gaps in scoopers. It makes Boxiecat easy to scoop and leaves the litter box really clean. This also allows it to last two times longer than typical clumping clay litters, which saves consumers money over time.


One of the things we have become known for is our use of probiotics in our litter to stop odors before they start and reduce the spread of germs from the litter box to other areas in the home. Our proprietary probiotics are a very unique ingredient for litter, and we began using them years ago to solve specific consumer needs in the most natural and effective way possible.


We also use a custom dust removal and suppression process, which makes all of our formulas ultra low dust. They are a great solution for folks with allergies and respiratory issues, and they eliminate that accumulation of dust on furniture around the litter box.


What are some of the specific litter varieties available from Boxiecat? What are the key features of these products? 

Boxiecat has four formulas of litter. Together, they provide retailers with the tools they need to solve the widest variety of customer needs and shopping habits. All of our litters are soft on paws and have a texture that cats love to dig in. We have vets that recommend our litter to help prevent and solve litter box avoidance. Our customers consistently report that cats take to Boxiecat and BoxiePro litters right away.


Pro Deep Clean—The first litter to eliminate all the germs in the litter box using an advanced blend of natural probiotics. So, when cats use the box, then jump on counters, beds, etc., they won’t spread germs from the box to the home. This formula does everything that Extra Strength does, and more. It has a focus on “outside the box” and reducing germs in the home for a cleaner, safer environment.


Extra Strength—We add probiotics to this litter to stop odors before they are able to start. It is ideal for people with odorous cats (common litter box smells are caused by odor-causing bacteria, which our probiotics fight), multiple cat households, and cats on a high-protein diet (these diets create a rich “food source” for odor-causing bacteria in the box).


Scent-free—This litter is made from clean pure clay, with nothing added. It is ideal for people who wish to have a very natural product.


Gently Scented—This litter features a moisture-activated scent developed by our veterinarian to be safe and calming for cats and not overwhelming to cat’s sensitive sense of smell. It is ideal for people who like fragrance in cat litter, keeping in mind that fragrance is not needed to “mask” odors, as our clay already eliminates waste odors.


Tell us about the expansion of Boxiecat’s product selection beyond litters. What are some of the key products you’ve introduced in this expansion? What makes these products leaders in their respective categories?

Our newest product BoxiePro Scoop & Spray Litter Extender is a litter spray that uses our probiotics and an odor encapsulator. It eliminates odors and reduces germs to extend the life of any type or brand of litter. This is a new concept in the litter category that provides all litter users with a better experience and saves them money by making their litter last longer.


We also have Boxiecat and Boxiedog stain & odor removers, which are probiotic-powered. Whether it’s freshening up daily odors like that smelly dog bed, or truly troublesome tasks like pet accidents with urine, these products are great everyday problem solvers. Our probiotics eat the organic matter that causes stains and odors, digesting them and zeroing them out. When our probiotics are done, there are no residues left and no chemicals. Importantly, no pheromones are left, which can invite repeat soiling of the same area.  


As with all Boxiecat products we’re helping customers solve very difficult issues. Our commitment is to make products that not only do what they say they will do, but that are more effective, healthier and easier to use than other options on the market.


Boxiecat offers consumers the option to buy directly from the company, including via subscription, via the internet. How do you ensure that pet stores remain competitive in selling your products?

We monitor pricing to make sure it’s an even playing field for all our partners. We also have a lot of programs to help pet stores succeed and be competitive with our products. We offer a national frequent-buyer program to provide loyalty discounts in store (Astro Frequent Buyer). We run promotions that support our retailers and reward our consumers (currently Astro Consumer Offers are a great way for stores to easily provide discounts to consumers on Boxiecat products). We also provide retailers with a lot of other support, including materials for the store and training for staff, including various methods to educate consumers on the differences Boxiecat provides.


Tell us about the “Litter Learning Center” that Boxiecat offers on its website. What is the purpose of this feature? What type of information do you provide?

Boxiecat will always be animal-first in all we do. The Litter Learning Center is a resource for cat parents to learn about best practices in creating a healthy and problem-free litter box experience for their feline family. We have contributors such as vets and experts in animal care and nutrition. Many of our resources are dedicated to preventing litter box avoidance. Cats avoiding the litter box and soiling other areas of the home is a huge source of frustration for pet parents and a major reason cats are surrendered to shelters. We work to help address litter box avoidance and set pet parents up for success with their litter box. We provide guidance on how many litter boxes to have, litter box placement, litter amount, etc.  


What does the future hold for Boxiecat?

We’re committed to consistent focus on retail partner success. We’re energized by the 80 percent retention rate we’ve achieved with our litter products and take it as a sign that we’re on the right track. We’re going to continue to put animals first as we innovate, as well as stay true to our mission to improve the experience of health and hygiene care for pets and those who love them.  PB


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