New Program Promoting Bird Ownership Takes Flight

MyBird, from the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition, is an award-winning marketing campaign designed to grow your pet bird business.


Is the best bird for you, or your customer, a cockatiel? Should you be making more room on your store shelves for bird products? A program developed by the Bird Enjoyment & Advantage Koalition (BEAK) is working to answer those questions with an innovative marketing approach and landscape assessment of pet bird supply and demand.

With an extremely popular and award-winning, consumer-facing marketing campaign called MyBird, your store can be featured in a nationwide pet bird locator that helps pair people with the right bird for them, and then helps find that type of bird, either through purchase or adoption. Whether you sell birds or just products, this feature can help drive traffic and sales to your store. 

The website ( starts with a fun and informative quiz that pairs individuals with the ideal bird based on a series of lifestyle questions, including time and financial commitments, living arrangements, birds’ speaking and cuddling factors, and average lifespans. Once paired with a bird type, the website then automatically shows birds available in the local area and nationwide. 

To further enhance the site’s functionality, an avian vet locator was recently added to give current and potential bird owners access to care facilities in their area. This year, the site will be expanded to include expert bird care tips to further promote responsible bird ownership and proper care. also includes popular social media channels that expand the campaign’s reach and enable and encourage users to share their bird match results and their interest in bird ownership.  

Just a year after launching, the MyBird campaign is seeing amazing results and demonstrating a huge interest in pet bird ownership. Initially, the goal was to match 25,000 potential bird owners with the ideal bird for them.  Currently, there’s been more than 86,000 website visits, 71,000 quiz sessions and more than 47,000 bird matches. Strategically targeted online influencer engagement also helps drive interest to the quiz, which has not only taken on the role of getting people excited about the possibility of a bird in their life, but also expanded to actually get birds in homes, promote responsible care of birds and address supply accessibility.  

BEAK is taking on supply chain issues to ensure that as the demand grows, supply can accommodate. A pet bird landscape assessment is now underway looking at, among other things:

• Reasons for poor supply of birds, specifically cockatiels.
• The potential market size for cockatiels.
• Future risks to bird ownership (breeders, retailers, legislation, etc.)
• Cockatiel breeding (best regions, ideal range of flock size, etc.)
• Short-term suggestions for increasing supply of cockatiels.
• Long-term suggestions for increasing supply of cockatiels.

BEAK is always interested in collaboration, as well as being a valuable resource for others in the category. A few ways to get involved include directing consumers to to take the quiz, handing out pre-printed brochures and flyers to other interested parties at events you attend, engaging with us on social media, and joining or supporting the cause.

Brent Weinmann and Todd Regan are co-chairmen of the Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition (BEAK). If you would like more information about BEAK and how you can get involved, please contact Steve Hellem at or (202) 441-0942.


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