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Deep Sea Aquatics Acquires Ocean View

San Francisco Bay Brand Acquires Ocean Nutrition

2009 Industry Recognition Awards

With our eighth-annual Industry Recognition Awards, the Pet Business editors highlight some of the most exciting and functional pet products on the market.

Aquarium Maintenance Services

Aquarium servicing can make up a significant percentage of a shop’s revenue, and few aquatic retailers can afford to ignore this business opportunity.

Penn-Plax Adds Three Lines

An Expanding Menu for Herps

Unique alternatives to live foods, packaged herptile diets provide variety for pets and peace of mind for squeamish pet owners.

Going Green

Eco-conscious manufacturers and retailers are considering the environmental impact of the products they manufacture and place on store shelves.

Staying On Top

Retailers need to consider the current trends in the pond category when they are planning out their pond department for next season.

Caring for Senior Cats

Careful observation and attention, along with routine veterinary care, proper exercise and sound nutrition, will help senior cats live long, healthy lives.

Hyper Local

Local Internet advertising is a great way to drive neighborhood traffic into a pet store.

PoopBags Loyalty Program

Marketing Matters

A down economy has made effective communication more important than ever for businesses, a fact that wasn’t lost on the organizers of SuperZoo.

Dangling Delights

Hanging chew toys are now being manufactured for small animals, which means these pets are now being offered an enhanced play experience.

Nutrition Trends

The rising cost of pet food is causing problems for businesses struggling to compete in this industry, so storeowners must find creative ways to attract customers to the nutrition aisle.

Toying with Wal-Mart

Profound Growth

Sherpa Pet Group has expanded from a small pet carrier business to a company with a portfolio of brands dedicated to all channels of the pet industry.

Natural Weight Maintenance

A holistic approach to weight maintenance involves limiting caloric intake and increasing exercise.

Pet Sitters Conference

Outdoor Safety

Pet Business sat down with Craig O’Keefe, Fab4Pets’ executive vice president of marketing and sales, to discuss the company’s unique outdoor safety products.

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping grooming equipment up to date will not only save time and money, it will also prevent accidents.

Pet Valu Acquired

Bravo! Buy-One-Get-One Promotion

Natural Balance in Tournament of Roses Parade

New Marketing Education Program

Distributor Annoucements

Honest Kitchen Increases Production on Displays

New Instant Ocean Water Care Line

Pet Industry Advisory Conference


JULY 2010


APRIL 2010

MAY 2010



JUNE 2010


Pet Stores in Peril

Even with pundits heralding an economic recovery, a tough competitive climate has many independent pet specialty retailers struggling to survive.

Focusing on Fish

Fish are a vital part of many ponds, and pondkeepers who care for fish should pay special attention to water quality and nutrition.

Wellness on the Shelf

Under its Tomlyn brand, Vétoquinol produces a range of over-the-counter products designed to maintain optimal health in pets.

New Natural Dog Treat Line

Pet Business Goes Digital

Personnel Announcements

PIJAC Courting Pet Owners

Puzzles Hit U.S. Pet Market

Holiday Promotions

What retailers selling natural pet products can do to ensure the upcoming holiday season is a fruitful one.

Purchase Decisions

When purchasing a salon’s high-cost basics, groomers may become anxious, but with a lot of research and some sound advice, there is no need to fret.

Kitten Care

There is nothing cuter than a small, fluffy kitten, but owners need to arm themselves with a variety of products to help them care for these rambunctious pets.

A Tasty Treat

Pet Business sat down with Dean Triandafellos, president of Petrapport, to discuss Beefeaters, the company’s brand of high-quality consumables.

What a Mess!

Retailers can really clean up with a selection of products designed to deal with pet messes.

Canine Fashion

In tough economic times, retailers must be attentive to the shifting spending behaviors of customers, but that doesn’t mean abandoning style.

Setups That Sell

It is easier to sell aquarium products when the items are attractively bundled together in a package that has a fair price point.

CASCO’s Global Giveaway Moves Forward

All About Amphibians

Amphibians are mysterious and complex, and there are a few traits retailers should explain to customers looking to purchase one of these unique creatures.

Bigger and Better

Housing options for small pets are getting larger, giving these animals lots of room to exercise and play.

New Kaytee Treat Line

Ethical Unveils New Packaging, Website

Second-Annual Super-Dog Open House

Here Come the Holidays

As this all-important selling season approaches, retailers stand to profit from customers’ love for their pets.


New To Pet


Speaking Out: Michael Kitchen, President of Brake-Fast

MARCH 2010

Selling Peace of Mind

The Idaho-based chain Zamzows wows its customers with top-notch service and a trustworthy assortment of high-quality goods.
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