Natural Pet Health, Made Simple

John Davies, president and cofounder of Lintbells, discusses his company’s focus on consistently providing high-quality, safe and efficacious supplements for pets.




What types of supplements and/or essential oil products are dog owners looking for today?

Consumers are becoming very demanding with their choice of supplements for their pets. First, the product must deliver the very best; there is no compromise for their beloved pet. It has to always deliver, so the quality has to be consistent. They want natural products that are safe and efficacious with no side effects, as they will use them daily and, in some cases, for many years. They want them to be palatable and a great experience for the pet. Increasingly, we see customers wanting sustainable products. They want to know not only where it is made, but also where the ingredients come from and/or how they have been grown.


How has demand for these products grown over the past 10 years?

As people have become more health conscious for themselves, they want the same benefits for their beloved pets. As a result, we have seen phenomenal growth in products that deliver on the promise. Ten years ago, Lintbells didn’t exist. Today, we are the No. 1 supplier in pet health supplements in the U.K. We are currently reaching out to new markets with the same attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction. We’ve seen that pet supplements have been growing consistently over the 10 years.


What is new from Lintbells in supplements or essential oils? 

We have just launched our soft chews in the leading YuMOVE and YuCALM formulas with unrivaled palatability and a one-a-day format. We have also upgraded our veterinary offering in the U.K. YuMOVE Advance 360 has taken the U.K. veterinary market by storm.



How can retailers select a mix of these products that will be strong sellers?

YuMOVE and YuCALM address two very important challenges for pet parents. By carrying these products, the retailer is helping the consumer make the best possible choices for these issues, with the confidence of our 60-day, money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied with the results.


We focus on strong-selling categories rather than a slow-moving portfolio. We want fast-moving products. To achieve this, we invest heavily to make the products perform at the highest level and then aim to deliver the best customer experience possible, whether that’s in retailer training or a toll-free customer service number. These days, creating a product is not enough; we create and deliver the experience.


How important is employee knowledge in selling these products? Do you have any training suggestions?

People are the very core of the Lintbells proposition. That means we must invest heavily in training and awareness to help educate the customer to find the best solution. We recommend and support thorough training by our special team, both when starting with the product and then ongoing education.


How important is USA-made or -sourced to the supplements or essential oil categories?

We believe this is incredibly important, and we get this back from our customers. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to achieve; for example, our green-lipped mussel only grows in New Zealand. It’s important to maintain the quality to deliver the result, so we must source for the best quality; but where possible, we use U.S. ingredients such as corn starch glucosamine, which is not only the best quality, but also U.S.-grown. It is more expensive than glucosamine product from shell fish, which tends to come from China, but we believe sourcing locally where possible is technically and ethically the right thing to do. PB


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