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Moochie & Co. Opens New Store

Free Pet Safety Decals

CIPS 2009 Coming Soon

Oxbow Presents Award

CANIDAE Raises Funds for Charity

Find-A-Vet Online

Zoomark a Success

Global Pet Expo Honored

Pet Fashion Week in Brazil

Talk To Me Pet Products' Eco-Friendly Packaging

APPA Pet Poetry Contest

Cardinal Becomes Energy Independent

PETCO Focusing on Nutrition

DOGSWELL Revamps Canned Food

TetraPond Offers Reference Material Online

Central Brands Reward Pet Specialty Retailer

Sittin’ Pretty

Pet Business sat down with Steven Shweky, partner and co-president of Skaffles LLC, to discuss Pet Head’s innovative grooming line.

Shrink Wrap

Loss-prevention experts offer some low-cost, easy ideas on how pet specialty retailers can reduce troublesome shrink rates.

New Holistic Pet Food Brand

Success in San Francisco

A commitment to pet adoption and superior customer service has proven to be a winning formula for Bay-area retailer Pet Food Express.

Business Launch

The Golden Rules

There are some rules that every retailer will want to follow in order to make the most of their marketing.

Building a Pond Business

How a store organizes the pond department, publicizes its business and educates its customers is just as important as what it sells.

Wholesalers Add Sustainable Aquatics Fish

Pet Fashion Week Returns

Purina Offers New Brand

New Logo for The Wag

Tomlyn’s Offers Homeopathic Line

ZuPreem’s New Look

Distributor Announcements

October Advertiser Index

New Vet’s Best Packaging

New CareFRESH Packaging

Put it to Bed

Beds hold healthy margins and, with the right in-store merchandising, can help differentiate a store from its competitors.

Winter Greens

More time inside, along with the need to stay warm and to keep mentally and physically stimulated can mean a winter boost for pet retail sales.

Aquarium Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any aquarium setup, ranked well above the tank, stand and décor items as far as retail sales are concerned.

The Diva Department

Chinchillas are exceptional pets that require unique grooming, habitat and diet products.

Ma Snax Reformulates Recipe

An Edge on the Competition

PetEdge Dealer Services provides independent pet specialty retailers with a decided advantage against their competitors by offering price breaks, exclusive brands and best-in-class service.

Hayse Black New in Sophisticated Design

Sojos Adds Real Broth

Jungle Wins Design Award

Pet-Aire Becomes PetAirapy, LLC.

Old Habits Die Hard

Pet owners and retailers must stay open to incorporating new knowledge into our pet care programs so we can keep pets healthy in the store and at home.

flexi Unleashes New Look

PetMitt Now PetMitten

Pet Prohibition

Feline Furniture

Cat furniture can encourage exercise, discourage bad behavioral tendencies and provide comfort—and pieces come in a variety of styles and colors to match any home’s décor.

Dry Your Eyes

Tear stains can be unsightly to pet owners and irritating to pets, so Angels’ Eyes offers a safe, effective solution that works from the inside out.

Live Feeders

For a store that sells herptiles, offering live food means more product diversity and more satisfied, repeat customers.

Sergeants Expands Production

Protecting Personal Assets

There are several steps that pet store owners can take to protect themselves from being personally liable for their business’ debts.

Creating a Spa Atmosphere

A salon that incorporates spa elements into its business is likely to increase its profits and raise its status in the community.

New Online Distributor

Stylish New Manufacturer

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