Dry Your Eyes

Tear stains can be unsightly to pet owners and irritating to pets, so Angels’ Eyes offers a safe, effective solution that works from the inside out.


When dogs’ and cats’ eyes water, causing an unsightly stain on the fur underneath, the condition is called epiphora. Animals that have this issue can either inherit the problem, or it may be connected to hygiene or allergy issues. Hereditary factors include small tear ducts, overly watery eyes, and the combination of large eyes and a short muzzle. In terms of hygiene, matter can collect in the corners of a pet’s eyes and cause tearing.

When a pet tears a lot, the wet facial hair becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and yeast, making the site  smelly and irritating for the pet. One way retailers can help customers eliminate tear stains is by suggesting a diet that is free of food colorings (dyes), additives, preservatives, corn, wheat and soy. The minerals in water can also contribute to tear staining, so suggest that the owners of dogs with this condition provide bottled or filtered water for their pets in a stainless steel bowl.

A product like Angels’ Eyes can also help. The supplement, which is specifically developed for both cats and dogs, eliminates tear stains from the inside out. “Angels’ Eyes was developed in 2003,” says Lynda Winkowski, the company’s president. “Before developing the product, I owned a pet store in South Florida. From having my own pets, I knew what took tear stains away, so I decided to develop a product that could help other pet owners.”

Different & Unique
“Most of the other tear stain products on the market are topical,” says Winkowski. “I feel that putting a topical solution on the pet may induce them produce even more tears; and a lot of these products contain astringents, which can make eyes even more irritated. Angels’ Eyes works internally and gets to the root of the problem.”

Tear stains are caused by porphyrin pigments, an iron-magnesium compound that bonds to the animal’s hair and reacts with light to produce a reddish-brown stain. The active ingredient in Angels’ Eyes is tylosin. Tylosin binds with circulating porphyrins inside the body and aids in excreting them, either by shedding or through normal hair growth. Pet owners should see results in three to five weeks, depending on their dog or cat’s coat. Pet owners then trim the stained coat, and the new coat will grow clear of stains.

To use, pet owners sprinkle Angels’ Eyes on their pets’ food each day, reducing the days of intake over a period of nine months. Angels’ Eyes is wheat and dye free, and comes in three formulas: Beef Liver, Chicken Liver and Sweet Potato. Each ingredient is produced in the U.S.A.

For retailers who want to educate themselves and their customers about the causes and safe removal of tear stains, Angels’ Eyes provides a variety of merchandising materials. “We have brand new point-of-sale counter displays that we are very excited about,” says Winkowski. “We also have brochures, window decals and posters that help sell our product.”

Winkowski also points out that when a customer inquires about a tear stain product, it is a great opportunity for the retailer to cross-sell natural foods and treats. Retailers can sell customers a diet is free of dyes, additives, preservatives, corn, wheat and soy, which will help eliminate tear stains and keep customer coming back to the store for repeat purchases.

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