Innovating Pet Wellness

Courtney Mack, marketing communications specialist for Innovacyn, Inc., discusses the company’s commitment to bringing FDA-regulated healthcare solutions to market under its popular Vetericyn brand.


Pet Business: How are pet healthcare products performing at retail? Why should retailers participate in this product category? 

Courtney Mack:
Pet healthcare products are continuing to rise in performance at retail. Pet parents are becoming more and more aware about how they can help the daily health of their pets at home. Animals benefit from daily maintenance routines the same way humans do. Pet owners are becoming more aware about what they can treat at home and what they need to see a veterinarian for. Pet healthcare products do not replace the need of a family veterinarian, but work together for the increased healthcare of the pet. 

PB: Tell us about the Vetericyn brand. What inspired the creation of this lineup of products? How has it evolved? 

The Vetericyn line was created when our founder, an animal lover since childhood, saw a gap in animal wellness products. He wanted to bring a FDA-regulated product to the animal industry. Since our launch, we have gone from two product offerings in one country to 40 products used over 30 countries. 

We have continued to grow our company by increasing compliance not only with the FDA, but also as part of the Canadian Low Risk Veterinary Healthcare Products. We continue to challenge ourselves to bring the highest level of products to market. For example, Vetericyn Plus has an increased concentration and a longer shelf life than [our original product]. We strive to improve upon ourselves and we will continue doing this in the future.

PB: What makes Vetericyn’s approach to skin and wound care, and other health conditions, different? How does this help your products stand out in the marketplace? 

Vetericyn’s approach to skin, wound and health conditions differs because we are always making changes to provide the best possible product to our customers. We set our standards high to offer the safest and most effective products in the marketplace. All our products are made in the USA in an ISO/FDA-regulated facility. We use state-of-the-art technology and rigorously test our products to make sure everything we produce exceeds our standards.

PB: What are some of the most popular products in the Vetericyn line? What are the key features of these products? 

Two of the most popular products in the Vetericyn line are our original Vetericyn Plus Wound & Skin Care liquid and our Vetericyn Plus Antimicrobial Hydrogel. These two formulations work in conjunction with each other to provide the best outcomes during wound healing. Our liquid product can be used to clean the wound bed, while our hydrogel adheres to the wound site and works as a protective barrier. Both of these items are non-cytotoxic and have zero oral toxicity if ingested by an animal. In-vitro testing has proven all Vetericyn Plus products to have a seven log microbial reduction within 15 seconds. 

Our newest product offering, FoamCare Shampoo, is gaining momentum to be one of our top products. Our Medium Density shampoo is specially formulated to rinse clean and quickly while adding nutrients back into the animal’s skin and coat.

PB: What are some of the newest additions to the Vetericyn family of products? How do these products improve upon what has come before? 

We launched the FoamCare line this summer. This line expands Vetericyn’s commitment to improving skin and coat health for pets. FoamCare utilizes a spray application, which lets the pet owner disperse the foam easily onto the coat. FoamCare ingredients were hand picked to retain essential skin oils of animals while offering a deep and conditioning clean. 

This fall, we are launching a smaller size Vetericyn Plus configuration. This is ideal for customers looking for a lower price point while still receiving the same great Vetericyn benefits. The smaller configurations will also be easier to store in small first-aid packs and to use on the go. 

PB: Giving back to the greater pet community is a big part of Vetericyn’s brand identity. What are some examples of your charitable efforts? 

We have run a few different charitable events since Vetericyn was founded. Our largest event is called the Vetericyn Loves Animals Charity Giveaway. Our last event had about 300 charities nominated and over 100,000 votes. Each charity–win or lose–received a case of product to help animals in need. We also created a program called Vetericyn Gives Back. This consists of support for animals throughout the year who have either been dispatched or injured due to natural disaster or taken in by rescue groups.

PB: How does Vetericyn help pet specialty retailers increase awareness of the pet healthcare category and its products? What types of sales/promotional support do you offer retailers?

We love our dealers. We want our dealers to be in the best position to grow their own company. We offer an online up-to-date dealer locator that is mobile responsive. We also offer complementary collateral support and promotional items for in-store use. Our nationwide sales team runs training and educational events across the country. Any dealer interested in additional sales support should reach out to us.


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