Spot-On Stain and Odor Solutions

Pet parents struggle to provide the most comfortable home for their animals, while also maintaining a clean, enjoyable space for their families and guests.


Nothing can spoil a home’s welcoming atmosphere quicker than offensive pet odors and visible stains on carpets or furniture. Over the years, many consumers have become frustrated with the unfulfilled promises of pet odor and stain eliminating products. However, manufacturers are now using technology to develop formulas that destroy waste remnants and deter pets from repeated accidents in these areas.  

If it Ain’t Broken
Many manufacturers have identified common odor issues for which effective solutions simply did not exist in the past. For example, following the requests of retailers, Unique Natural Products returned to its foundation to develop a solution to the offensive odor that follows a skunk attack, according to vice president of operations, Julie Holmes. 

“We were told that the other skunk odor removers on the market weren’t working, so we reworked some of our base formulas and created Skunk Odor Eliminator with a highly concentrated formula, skunk-specific packaging and the proper instructions for treating skunk odors so customers can feel relief in those terrifying moments when their pet comes in smelling of skunk knowing that there is a solution that works,” she says.

While some manufacturers strive to produce the next big thing in odor and stain solutions, others—like Skout’s Honor—leverage the value in their existing, highly effective products, affording them greater freedom to focus on client relationships. Skout’s Honor’s  vice president of customer development Pete Stirling reveals that the brand’s appeal can be found not only in its industry-leading products, but also in its dedicated service. 

“At the end of the day, the one question that is always on our mind is, ‘How can we make our customers’ lives easier?’” he explains. “That question permeates through all levels of our customer interaction, from distributor to end user, and the search for an answer is at the heart of everything we do…we consider ourselves a high-end product and offer higher-end customer service. Our customer service will be more responsive than a value product.” 

Safe, Yet Effective
As the summer mission of ensuring pets don’t bring the outdoors inside comes to an end, pet parents must turn their attention to making sure their homes are holiday ready for guests and family, who will spend more time indoors. This time of year, which becomes increasingly hectic and reaches a fever pitch around the end of December, manufacturers are exploring many distribution avenues to ensure easy shopping options and cleaning formulas that tackle a variety of stained and odor-riddled areas, while maintaining high safety standards. 

“Our main goal is to make sure Biokleen products are available through new and emerging channels where consumers shop,” says Ted Morgan, director of marketing for Biokleen. “This includes creating momentum-driving promotional programs at traditional retail/grocery, specialty pet, online and emerging on-demand, home delivery options.” 

Recognizing the consumer’s need for multi-purpose stain and odor solutions, Morgan references the cleaning problems he experiences with his own Vizsla: “Try as we might, our boy tracks in a mix of rain and mud that makes our rugs and couch targets for stains and odors. Also, our Bac-Out Fresh comes in handy for quickly removing odors from blankets and other fabrics.”

The demand for formulas that provide safe odor and stain removal solutions continues to grow, yet consumers are also aware of the carbon footprint created by their own waste. Manufacturers have recognized the need to make pet parents feel confident that the packaging and transport of their products will not negatively affect the world’s ecosystems. Fizzion’s director of sales David Jarrard, who cites product eco-responsibility, safety and efficacy as the primary messages retailers should relay to consumers, does not take these concerns lightly.

“With our refill tablets, consumers buy our plastic bottle once–so less plastic bottles and plastic trigger sprayers are being put in our landfills,” he says. “Less fuel is used when transporting our tablets versus liquid bottles, because of less weight on the transport trucks.”

Through utilizing “clear, consistent messaging that our products are eco-friendly, non-toxic and also very effective using the cleaning power of Fizzion Co2,” Jarrard believes retailers can provide the transparency that consumers seek as interest in eco-friendly products grows. 

Citing safety as a primary concern, manufacturers recognize the importance of developing formulas with ingredients that destroy odors and stains, yet maintain the healthy environment within a home. During the colder months, airing out a space in which too many chemicals are used to clean a home is neither the most comfortable nor the healthiest option. 

“It’s very important to provide solutions that are natural rather than products that include phosphorus and bleach that could harm your pet and/or the material or flooring you’re trying to clean,” says TropiClean marketing coordinator, James Brandly. 

To afford easily accessible information regarding the advancements made by the company to clients, Brandly reveals the company is extending its reach online. 

“TropiClean is launching our new pet professional portal on our website in the following weeks. This will allow retailers to gain knowledge on our products, such as our Fresh Breeze solutions. More knowledge and understanding of our products will help [retailers] educate pet parents on safe and effective cleanup.” 

During the final quarter of 2016, manufacturers are focusing on providing easy-to-manage solutions for safe, powerful odor and stain removal. Stirling’s outlook regarding the future of odor and stain management is bright and his enthusiasm for producing an evolved product is apparent.

“The really cool things in the new movement are the ingredients that kill two birds with one stone. It’s nice to see these chemicals that are not only eco-friendly, but stronger than in the past…it’s good to be a part of the next generation of products that will provide a secure cleaning solution, but still check all the green boxes.” 

By providing increased support to retailers throughout all stages of the process, manufacturers will ensure that consumers experience a less stressful—and pleasant smelling—home environment all year round.


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