Walking the Walk: An Interview with Bryce LaDuc

True lifestyle brands embody their identity not only within their own company, but in who they choose to work with to develop the business and spread the word about their mission and products.




Conversations with a few of the people NuloZuke’s and P.L.A.Y. have chosen to partner with show how lifestyles shape pet owners’ choices, and how pets, in turn, shape their owners.


Bryce LaDuc


#ZukesPack Social Media Influencer, Outdoor Adventurer


What inspired you to become a dog owner? Had you always been a dog lover?

I have always been an animal lover. My love for Border Collies came from my childhood. I grew up riding and showing horses, and we always had Border Collies at the stables. When I moved from Wisconsin to upstate New York, I suddenly had the Adirondack Park, a 6.8-million-acre outdoor-lover playground as my backyard. It just made sense to rescue a dog (two in my case) to share that with. Tonto was rescued as a stray in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and Finn was rescued from an abuse situation in upstate New York.


What role do your dogs play in your outdoor adventures? Do they have favorite destinations?

They are my partners in crime. We recently bought a camper van, and we have been adventuring around the Pacific Northwest. We hike, swim, backpack, camp, etc., with them. They love backpacking and keeping watch on camp. They also love anything that has to do with water, so we try to plan trips that include lakes or rivers.


How does your lifestyle influence how you make decisions when shopping for your dogs?

Hugely. My dogs are 12 and a half years old and extremely active. It is important to me that I am giving their bodies everything they need to maintain an optimum weight, overall health and the nutrition needed to maintain an active senior lifestyle.  


How have your dogs influenced you?

Rescuing them changed my life. We rescued each other. We have grown up together and I have learned way more from them than they have ever learned from me. They remind me every day to appreciate the little things, to embrace change and try new things, to step out of my comfort zones to learn more about myself and—most of all—to be kind. 


Link to full cover story: http://www.petbusiness.com/October-2017/A-Way-of-Life/


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