Walking the Walk: An Interview with Michael Phelps

True lifestyle brands embody their identity not only within their own company, but in who they choose to work with to develop the business and spread the word about their mission and products.




Conversations with a few of the people Nulo, Zuke’s and P.L.A.Y. have chosen to partner with show how lifestyles shape pet owners’ choices, and how pets, in turn, shape their owners.


Michael Phelps

Nulo Investor, 23-time Olympic Gold Medalist


What inspired you to become a dog owner? 

I’ve been a huge dog lover as long as I can remember. Dogs never disappoint and always help me keep things in perspective.  They don’t care if I win another medal—they just want to know when we can run around the backyard and chase after the ball next.  Their love is unconditional and they give me and my family plenty of joy in our lives.


How are your dogs involved in your life as an athlete? Are they champion swimmers too?

My family has always lived an active, healthy lifestyle, so it’s very important to us that our dogs do the same.  Between their daily walks and tons of yard play, they burn a lot of fuel every day. Juno and Legend are opposites when it comes to water.  Legend absolutely loves it, but Juno is not a fan of water at all! Legend is always in and out of the pool, wanting to play. French Bulldogs aren’t really known for their swimming abilities, so while he doesn’t care to swim laps, he does love to run around and play in the shallow area. It also helps keep him cool in the Scottsdale heat.


How does your lifestyle influence your decisions when shopping for your dogs?

Our pets don’t get to decide what goes into their bowl, so it’s up to us to make those decisions for them.  Nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle, which is why it was so important for me to partner with a pet food company like Nulo.  Over the course of my swimming career—the latter part in particular—I was very aware of everything that I put into my body.  I knew that what I ate would have a direct impact on my performance in the pool and daily life.  This is the same lens I use when selecting the right food for Juno and Legend.  I want to feel confident that they’re getting the best nutrition I can provide to help them feel their very best.



What influence have your dogs had on you?

Dogs can bring such a different perspective on life, and they have taught me how to appreciate the things that matter most and to not sweat the small stuff. It doesn’t matter if I had a terrible practice, poor meet or just a bad day, my dogs were always running to the door to greet me with tails wagging as soon as I got home.


Link to full cover story: http://www.petbusiness.com/October-2017/A-Way-of-Life/


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