All-American Quality

Sandra Allisona, vice president of American Mutt, discusses how the company is meeting modern pet owners’ demand of for durable, made-in-the-USA products.




When was American Mutt founded? What inspired you to get into the pet business?

I started American Mutt with Robert Brown, DVM, in May 2016. We are both lifelong pet owners and pet lovers; and Dr. Brown, as a veterinarian, has personally and professionally witnessed and experienced the great value pets add to people’s lives. We have noticed that products for people and pets are increasingly being made offshore with low-quality materials and are not made to last. They offer no long-term benefits, and some products are actually toxic to people and their pets’ health. As dedicated Americans, we are committed to products and materials made in the USA using the highest quality and experience to manufacture our products. 


What were your first products? 

Our first product was the versatile, patented, therapeutic, anti-fungal, 100 percent sealed polyester core (no foam) CoreBlu pet bed, which is easily cleaned and sanitized. CoreBlu beds are designed primarily for arthritic, convalescing and elderly pets, as well as all other sizes and ages.


How has the company evolved/grown since those early days? 

We have developed multiple lines to complement our core products, which are beds and exquisite, unique, serialized urns for people and pets.


Why is keeping its manufacturing in the USA important to American Mutt? Why should it be important to retailers?

It is our core value to produce our products in America using American materials and labor. Consumers are hungry for the old-time quality that products had before companies starting mass manufacturing offshore, sacrificing quality. Consumers are in need of products from sustainable companies that stand behind their products and offer great customer service in the U.S. Retailers embracing that niche should thrive in the future.


Tell us about American Mutt’s selection of pet beds. What are some of your most popular models? The CoreBlu Pet Bed is perfect for the active lifestyle of today’s pets and their owners. We start with a thermally bonded polyester fiber core, cover it with exclusive anti-fungal and anti-bacterial fabric, and use a patented breathable vent coupled with 100 percent sealed seams to produce a pet bed that can be used indoors or outdoors. CoreBlu is durable, therapeutic, easy for your pet to get on (no jumping required) and ultra easy to clean (just spray and wipe). CoreBlu uses no hazardous chemicals and is 100 percent recyclable. It also comes with a five-year factory warranty on the bonding of the seams.


American Mutt’s covers for our CoreBlu pet beds repel oil and water. Each fabric is stain and odor resistant, durable to cleaning—even when using 10 percent bleach cleaning solution for 10 minutes. This fabric is intended for high traffic and demanding cleaning requirements. Our moisture barrier prevents stains and liquids from penetrating. American Mutt offers reversible throws in two sizes and bolster covers for our 24 by 36 and 30 by 50 CoreBlu pet beds. Our throws, bolster covers and CoreBlu beds are environmentally safe, durable and versatile.


What are the key features that make these beds stand out in the market?

Our five-year warranty is a big standout feature. Our beds will not go flat; they keep their shape and are easy to clean.


Given that pets are widely thought of as family members, how important is it for retailers to offer products and support for pet owners dealing with the death of a four-legged loved one? How do American Mutt’s pet urns fit into that equation?

It is critical! We know that the human-animal bond is extremely valuable to people’s physical and psychological well being. Our urns offer a one-of-a-kind tribute to honor your faithful companion.


Does American Mutt offer other types of products? What are the important features of these items?

We offer multiple product lines from famous American manufacturers using American Mutt art, including Homer Laughlin Fiesta dishes, Case Cutlery pocketknives and Carolina made shirts ( They are all made in America using the highest quality materials that are suitable for people or pets.


What does the future hold for American Mutt? Do you currently have any products in development?

We are and will be as solid as America. We are currently working with several manufacturers from California to North Carolina to develop products that can be enjoyed by people and their pets. PB


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