Easy Dog Training Tips and Products

Although training is hard, these tools make it look easy.



Online ExclusiveRocky and Maggie’s easy to use Pop-Up Pee Pad is disposable and has a pre-attached 3D fire hydrant for dogs to use as a target. The base pad and hydrant each have five layers of absorbent protection and an attractant.


The Dog Zone from Starmark is an elevated bed designed for boundary training. The frame is made from durable 1-in. hardened steel tubing and covered with ballistic nylon fabric, which resists staining and tearing. It is available in medium, large, and extra large in sky blue, sunset gold and charcoal.


EzyDog’s Luca Leash can be configured as a slip lead, non-slip lead or head halter that enables the handler to give a quick, gentle correction to unwanted behavior. It has a stopper to prevent backing out. It’s 5.5 ft. in length, comes in 9 mm or 6 mm thicknesses and is available in red, black, purple and orange.


Wiki Wags Disposable Male Dog Wraps are designed to prevent unwanted accidents around the house. The wraps are made to be worn around the waist only. They hold an enormous amount of liquid that stays locked away from the dog’s body, leaving the hair dry and odor-free.


Skout’s Honor’s Urine Destroyer breaks down and attacks even the most stubborn urine stains and eliminates them for good. Skout’s Honor’s formulas are powerful, fast-acting and earth-friendly. It is available in either a 35-oz. spray bottle, 32-oz. pour spout bottle or 1-gal. bottle.


The ThunderShirt by Thunderworks helps with anxiety and over-excitability, calming dogs down to make training easier. The constant, gentle pressure keeps dogs calm when traveling to training classes, meeting new dogs or people and can even help avoid separation anxiety.


Poochie Pets PoochieBells comes with two sets of bells so that any age/breed can reach its PoochieBells with a gentle nudge of the nose. Each unit comes with professionally endorsed training instructions. It comes in two new collections: Be You and Coastal, both available in six designs.


Crazy Dog Organic Train-Me! Treats, by Cardinal Pet Care, are training treats that have an enticing aroma and high palatability to motivate dogs to focus and perform. The treats are available in organic beef and organic chicken, and in two resealable sizes: a 16-oz. pantry pack and a 4-oz. pouch.


PetSafe Remote Trainers are easy to use and help owners better communicate with their dogs. The waterproof, rechargeable remote and collar use a combination of tone, vibration and static stimulation to teach dogs from up to 900 yds. away.


Poopbags.com Countdown Rolls are individually numbered from 15 to one, so pet owners will know when to grab another roll. The bags are plant-based and eco-friendly, USDA certified and made from recycled material. They are available in unscented and orange scented.


Lennypads are an environmentally friendly pee pad. Washable and reusable, one Lennypad replaces approximately 300 disposable pads. It is available in a variety of colors and sizes, and is proudly made in the U.S.


Pet Parents washable diapers, belly bands and pee pads are designed with house-training in mind. The diapers and belly bands feature a fur-safe, adjustable velcro system along with a sewn-in multilayer pad and waterproof/leak-proof exterior shell, available in multiple color and size options. The pee pads quickly wick and hold liquid, preventing pets from tracking their messes around the house.


Canine Innovations Pet Convincer II incorporates a unique mixture of an acoustic effect and convincing air. It features a sleek, contoured hand grip and an improved one-piece nozzle to effectively control pets.


The Company of Animals’ 5th generation HALTI Headcollar features no-pull training functions as well enhanced stability for dogs. The new design has shown an instant improvement in dogs not pulling on the lead, and they are less inclined to try and remove their Headcollar.


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