Grooming Tubs for Pets

These tubs can make bathtime a breeze for groomers.



Poly Pet Tubs ( feature sturdy legs with adjustable, stainless-steel levels, and are made out of quiet, stain-resistant materials. They include large splash walls, double drains, multi-position restraint bars and come with a 1/2 in. thick rubber mat that attaches to the tub floor.


Shor-Line’s ( Elite Grooming Tub has durable tube frame construction, one piece-backsplash and adjustable feet. The steps feature a slip-resistant tread, and slide in and out with the touch of a foot. The tub is available with a removable right-hand or left-hand door with durable hinges. 


The Thera-Clean System ( uses tap water to generate microbubble with a slight negative charge to attract the positive charges of dander, sebum and other organic matter. The System cleans in 15 minutes and does not require soap, shampoo, chemicals or abrasives. It can be combined with the company's plant- and mineral-based enzyme powders, Toji, to soften and loosen debris.


Groomer’s Best ( Elite Tub is double-sealed to protect the tub and dampen sound. It includes slide-back, no-slip steps, a raised tray (for smaller animals), tall sides and a door. Each tub is available in left or right plumbing, and can be ordered in Black, Grey, Tan, Purple, Pink or a custom color. 


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