PIJAC Approves Withdrawal of Pet Sale Ban



The Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) issued a statement expressing support for the withdrawal of a proposed pet sale ban ordinance in Red Bank, N.J. The proposed ban was withdrawn during a town council hearing on July 18.


According to PIJAC, sales ban ordinances only serve to target highly regulated and transparent sources of pets. New Jersey’s Pet Purchase Protection Act provides some of the strongest requirements for pet stores and protections for pet store customers. All puppies sold in pet stores in New Jersey originate from USDA licensed breeders who are regularly inspected and found to comply with appropriate care standards; additionally, breeder information is required to be visible to customers in store. If an animal has a health issue, pet stores are required to reimburse consumers for veterinary costs incurred while treating the animal. Of the 113 sale bans which have been enacted in New Jersey, only 7 have passed in jurisdictions with pet stores in operation.


PIJAC stated that sales ban ordinances promoted by activist organizations in the state have done little to help animal well being because they fail to stop the bad actors who operate illegal breeding operations and risk driving prospective pet owners to unscrupulous sellers who put profits before pets. The organization is hopeful that future jurisdictions will follow the Red Bank Borough Council’s lead by standing up to activist pressure to enact laws which target the most regulated sources for pets in New Jersey. PIJAC stated its plans to continue working with local and state officials to promote legislation that advances animal well being and allows citizens to have access to healthy animals.


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