Pet Behavior Tips for the Holiday Season



With parties, travel and unpredictable weather keeping everyone on edge, pets may be more prone to engaging in destructive behavior during the holiday season. Retailers should have recommendations on hand to help pet parents protect their homes and belongings.

The first step pet parents should take is adjusting their own habits and having the foresight to close off opportunities for pets to engage in destructive behavior. For example, if a cat or dog enjoys shredding toilet paper in the bathroom, pet parents should make a habit of keeping the bathroom door closed at all times. Similarly, if a pet enjoys attacking a Christmas tree, pet parents should put the tree in a room that can be closed off via doors or even temporary baby gates.

If closing off an area isn’t an option, pet parents can take special measures to make it less appealing for pets. Retailers can recommend deterrent sprays that make couches and chairs less attractive for cats to claw. They can also suggest nail clippers that keep dogs’ and cats’ claws shorter and less likely to cause damage.

Retailers can also offer items that rechannel pets’ destructive tendencies into more productive pursuits. Items like long-lasting chews, engaging toys and durable scratching posts can offer dogs and cats a calming distraction that keeps them entertained. By inhibiting boredom, retailers can keep their pets from making a mess.

Another method retailers can recommend is using calming products such as CBD oils, chews or sprays to keep pets mellow and less likely to engage in destructive behavior. With the popularity of CBD and hemp products continuing to grow within the pet industry, pet parents will have their pick.

In recommending a combination of tactics and products, retailers can ensure their customers have a happier holiday season. By anticipating and meeting pets’ needs, this stressful time of year can be calmer and safer for families and their beloved animal companions. 


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