Pet Food Express Receives Sole Distribution Rights



Roli Roti, creators of Butcher's Bone Broth, released its first-ever pet food bone broth, exclusively distributed by Pet Food Express.


Otto’s Organic Bone Broth is a bone broth for dogs and cats to enjoy as a standalone treat or as a dry food topper. Otto’s uses human-grade locally sourced ingredients and comes in three flavors: organic beef, organic chicken and organic turkey.


High in protein, Otto’s will aid in a pet’s muscle retention, bone health and can act as an alternative to traditional treats. Otto’s organic pet food bone broth can be served cold or heated and fed daily to pets.


Bone broth for pets has shown to improve joint health and digestive issues, promote the immune system and liver function, and keep skin and coats shiny and healthy. Bone broth is especially helpful for senior pets who may start to experience arthritic health issues. Otto’s is also particularly helpful for feline friends, who typically require more moisture to their food and may not be as obvious with pain in their aging joints.


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