Pet Sustainability Coalition Releases New Toolkit for Retailers



The Pet Sustainability Coalition (PSC) released its new Toolkit, an informative online resource designed to support the implementation of profitable environmental and social business practices. According to PSC’s survey at Global Pet Expo, 75 percent of brands and manufacturers report that sustainability expectations are increasing while only 30 percent of companies rank their own sustainability program as effective. By pulling together best practices from dozens of industries worldwide, the PSC Toolkit is an expanding resource that can help companies utilize more effective sustainability methods. 


Below are three free tools included in the PSC Toolkit that can help improve the health of pet businesses: 


PSC’s Employee Survey: Assess employee knowledge, opinions, and perceived barriers for sustainability. Identify opportunities to integrate sustainability across departments and learn what types of sustainability programs are best aligned with the brand and employee interests.  


Sustainability Lens: This 5-step process results in the development of a custom sustainability lens that can be used as a filter that only lets the right sustainability projects through. In this module, teams can determine how the company’s core values translate into sustainability and what the expected outcomes will be. 


Case Studies: With over 60 members, PSC has many sustainability projects under their belt. The following case studies are available for free download: 

  1. Financial Case Studies: West Paw, Camp Bow Wow
  2. Packaging Case Studies: Zuke’s and Excel Packaging
  3. Retail Case Studies: MOM’s Organic Market
  4. Sustainability Strategy Case Studies: I and Love and You and Worldwise
  5. Product Footprint Case Studies: KINN, Inc.


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