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A recent fundraising campaign on IndieGoGo successfully launched a mobile pet cam that keeps owners connected to their furbabies even when miles apart. The VAVA Mobile Pet Cam provides owners with live footage of their pet while they aren’t home. Its features even allow owners to toss treats to pets, use a built-in laser pointer for playtime and communicate using two-way audio.


Equipped with a long-lasting battery and treads that allow for travel across household surfaces, the Mobile Pet Cam be controlled by the pet owner to follow a pet throughout the house. The product’s manufacturers hope that the robot can comfort pets with separation and anxiety issues, and allow pet owners to take care of their pets even when they aren’t home.


The Mobile Pet Cam is just the latest development in the pet tech category, which has been rapidly growing. As the technology used by pet owners becomes more advanced, so do the products they provide their pets with.


The Petzi Treat Cam from Wagz uses a similar approach to the VAVA Mobile Pet Cam by allowing pet parents to use an app to distribute treats to their pets. This stationary camera also allows for video and audio communication between pets and their owners. Owners can also use it to snap photos and post them to the Petzi social network.


The idea of creating an online community to accompany a specific pet product is also shared by Pawscout, which partnered with Worldwise to offer the Pawscout pet tag. This Bluetooth-enabled tracker pairs with the Pawscout App to give pet parents access to a Community Pet Finder. When a pet goes missing, the app can be used to alert this online community. If app users come within 300 ft. of the missing pet, they will be alerted through the app. In this way, the pet tag uses technology to keep pets safe.


While straightforward pet products like leashes and bowls will always be in-demand, retailers should keep pet tech products in mind. These fun, new gadgets hitting the market will pique the interest of pet owners looking to keep their pets entertained and safe. By keeping pace with these changing trends and even offering some of these products in-store, retailers can take advantage of the rising interest in pet tech.

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