RestoraPet Introduces New Supplement Line for Cats and Horses



RestoraPet released its vet-approved line of supplements for feline and equine family members, which includes classic and full-spectrum hemp solutions for both cats and horses. 


RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp’s new feline formulas are tuna flavored for cats and apple-carrot flavored for horses. The equine versions will be sold in larger bottles with pumps, making them easy to dispense to horses. 


“Fur parents from around the world have been asking for a flavor their cats would love, as they are famously particular pets, and we answered with tuna-flavored feline solutions,” said RestoraPet CEO Brian Larsen. “Additionally, we needed to adjust the traditional bottling design and dosage of RestoraPet for horses, due to their much larger size, and thought an apple-carrot flavor would turn the supplement into a treat for them.”


RestoraPet’s feline and equine products join the existing canine line of RestoraPet and RestoraPet Hemp solutions, which were developed over a period of 70 dog years and are available in beef and bacon flavors, as well as unflavored.


All RestoraPet formulas include the proprietary, cell-rejuvenating Vitalitrol, which helps restore the optimal function of a pet’s organs at the cellular level. Vitalitrol, a carbon-based antioxidant that begins working from the first administered dose to rehabilitate and protect every cell type in a pet’s body, can improve an animal’s quality of life. 


RestoraPet supplements aim to restore and rejuvenate aging cells for improved joint health, wellness, range of motion and to provide an overall boost to an animal's  immune system. 


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