Retailers Embrace Social Media Amid Coronavirus Lockdown



In the midst of the coronavirus, an unsettling time for everyone, retailers have had to adjust more than just store operations. To keep customers informed and engaged, pet stores have had to adjust their social media strategy to account for the current climate. 

Through social media, some retailers have conveyed imperative information about store operations, shared information about the virus and what stores are doing to help, answered customer questions and more. 

Here are some examples of how retailers have successfully used social media, along with some commentary from us on why we feel these posts are effective...






Why it works: Teca Tu successfully conveys the basic information customers need to know in one tweet. It’s simple, to-the-point, and provides a phone number for customers to contact should they have further questions. Sometimes, with so much information out there, less is more. 



Why it works: Pet Supplies Plus’ pet-friendly guide to understanding social distancing is a pretty effective way to think about it. Not everyone can envision what 6 ft. apart may look like, but providing a visual example using dogs is a great way to help. 






Why it Works: This is a genuine response. This sincere thank you is transparent and honestit showcases how much a customer’s support truly means at this time. Dog Krazy is also upfront about the time constraints its under, proactively warning customers about potential delays. 



Why it Works: What a Great Dog! effectively uses social media to provide information and assistance to customers with an item they provided. Ultimately, now that masks are recommended by the C.D.C., this is something many customers are interested in (and potential new customers are sure to be interested too). 





Why it works: Most Valuable Pets brings attention to small business beyond the pet industry. By showing support for local businesses (and tagging them), you support the small business community, and potentially broaden your reach to new audiences.


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