Sales Made Simple

Selling doesn’t have to be rocket science for pet retailers who know how to open customer relationships and earn the sale.



No one is a ‘born’ salesperson, yet we all live by selling something. Selling is not easy. Untrained sales associates often find themselves in tenuous, sink-or-swim jobs that lead to anxiety, the fear of selling and unmet sales goals.  The good news is that effective selling skills can be taught, learned and implemented by those who are driven to succeed.

Years ago, selling systems focused on techniques designed to corner the prospect until he said, “yes.” You may still know salespeople who are personable, likeable and skilled at saying just the right words to get customers to buy, even if it’s not the right decision. 


Selling no longer works that way. Salespeople must be customer focused, not product driven. They need to understand the needs and concerns of customers before they can expect to earn a sale.  People don’t buy the features of what you are selling. They buy the benefits of what your product or service will do for them. 

Before speaking at a pet industry trade show, I asked an attendee to explain the nature of her business. Her response was, “I make it easy to own a pet!”  Her benefit statement blew me away.  Naturally, I asked what she does, and her compelling explanation is a teachable moment for earning a sale.  (Be sure to ask me what she said at my seminar.)

Customers appreciate sales professionals who understand them and can guide them in making the right decisions.  No two selling encounters are identical. Success is achieved by taking the time and effort to understand the needs behind the needs, and what drives the decision process.  

An effective sales presentation is grounded in key principles such as demonstrating enthusiasm, energy and passion for what is being offered; building customer rapport and trust; expressing empathy; the desire to help a customer solve a problem; and offering a choice of products and services that are appropriate. 

Some call this partnering with customers, relationship selling or solution selling. In fact, if you don’t solve a problem, you won’t have a sales opportunity. All company employees are on the sales team, regardless of their role in business.  Owners and managers set the pace for professionalism in selling.  You can take the ‘rocket’ out of the science of selling by exploring concepts in this program, including:  the five “knows,”  the anatomy of a sale, how to avoid 10 selling mistakes, and what it takes to “earn the sale.”

Attend my seminars to learn professional selling skills you can immediately put into practice.  You will be more successful in achieving your sales goals and earning potential.  Ultimately, this is your opportunity to help your customers make informed buying decisions, which is a win for you, them and your business.

A marketing and sales professional engaged in the pet industry for over 35 years, Vicki Lynne Morgan has a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs and small business owners on achieving goals and sustaining growth and profitability.  She helps them leverage their expertise with integrated consulting and planning in core areas such as strategic, low cost/no cost guerrilla marketing and selling, customer experience management, and trade show/expo marketing. 


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