Selling on Facebook Live

Hosting an online “pawty” can help retailers find significant financial success.




Pet retailers and manufacturers all over the country are making big bucks by going live and hosting what I like to call a virtual “Paw Party.”

A Paw Party is when you jump on a Facebook Live, have fun with your audience and sell stuff! It’s that simple. In just 60 minutes or less on a Facebook livestream, you could make as much as you do during an entire business day. Seriously! Clients of Pet Boss Nation are seeing huge results (like, $2800/hour!) and I want you to get a piece of the action.

How to Do It
Pick a specific date and time, and tell your audience in advance when to tune in. Do it at a time you think most people will show up (maybe at 7 pm or 8 pm Eastern on a weeknight). You’ll want assistance from one to two people. One person will help with the camera and respond to comments as they come in, while the other will help prepare products and assist the show host.

Each item you’re selling should have a matching notecard with a hashtag written on it. When you show the product to the audience, describe it and share the hashtag and the price. To increase the desire for the item, you can offer a limited time discount or have a limited quantity to sell. If a viewer is interested, they type SOLD and the hashtag in the comments. There are a variety of ways that you can accept payment. Come up with the way that will work the easiest for potential buyers and is something you can easily handle, whether that’s a phone call, website, paypal, in store, etc.

How to Make It Interesting
Treat it just like a party you’d be hosting or want to go to! Keep things light and fun by picking a theme based on the season or an upcoming holiday. Wear festive clothing or have an interesting backdrop to create a great visual. Make it BYOB—bring your own beverage. You could be toasting the viewers and chatting with them about what they chose to bring to the viewing party.

All great parties have games, and your party should, too! Utilize a prize wheel, numbered boxes, a dry erase board, Post-it notes on a wall, really anything you can think of to help create a game of chance experience. Encourage your viewers when it’s time to play the game to participate with you in the comments of your post. Believe it or not, viewers LOVE this! Have fun with your viewers, engage with them and keep your energy up, just like at a party!

Are the wheels already turning? Have a concept you want to explore? The time is NOW! Grab your smartphone (or the device of your choice), pick your social media platform (Facebook or Instagram) and hit that “go live” button! Don’t overthink this! Just hit the button, look at the camera and be your wonderful self. This isn’t about perfection, it’s about taking action! We’re all rooting for you and can’t wait to come to your party!

Candace D’Agnolo is the founder of Pet Boss Nation.


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