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PIJAC Reaches Out to Pet Owners

North American Pet Products Makes Acquisition

Pet Valu Acquired

Sherpa Launches Guaranteed On-Board Program

Animal Planet Licenses MerchSource

The Green Aisle

Catnip and cat grass are small, high-profit products that are easy to sell year round and can add to a store’s bottom line.

Designed to Display

Success Through Efficiency & Innovation

TFH/Nylabone has grown by leaps and bounds during its 50-plus years in business, and the company’s success has largely been the result of refining and updating its offerings.

APPA Honors Young Poets

Terrarium Setups

Working with herptile customers to set up beautiful and functional terrariums will position a retailer as a herpetarium expert and draw repeat customers to the store.


Pet Business sat down with Texas Farm Products Company’s executive vice president Kirk Young to discuss pet nutrition and what’s new with the Precise brand.

Multipet Goes Live

September 2009 Index

World Reef Conference Rescheduled

Marketing in a Recovery

Every recession in U.S. history has been followed by a recovery period, and this will be no exception. When this period comes, will you be ready?

PetzLife’s New Look

Natural Protection

At What Price?

Cost is only one of the many considerations when determining the price of a product.

The Best of the Best

My Dog is dedicated to manufacturing quality pet toys, and the company knows what it means to have a dog’s best interest at heart.

Welcome Home

Dogs get new digs as manufacturers upgrade the traditional American doghouse.

Specialty Sales

Carrying a selection of small animal specialty products is one way that retailers can make their stores unique and increase sales.

Joint Venture Announced

A Green Pond

A green pond may have nothing to do with algae build-up.

Pets As Products

The business of selling companion animals is far more complicated than simply stocking pet supplies and requires a unique commitment on the part of retailers.

Getting a Leg Up

Trends in Fish Nutrition

Recommending customers feed fish a variety of foods will help keep fish happy and healthy, while increasing fish food sales.

The Canine Toy Box

As fun as toys may be for dogs, this product category means serious business for retailers.

Getting Carded

A well-run gift card program can go a long way in driving customer traffic and increasing sales in the pet store.

New Logo & National Campaign for IDTAG.com

Raw Seminar to Have Added Session

Holistic Remedies

For retailers interested in presenting holistic products, it’s not enough to line up some herbal supplements on a shelf and claim to have a holistic section.

Grooming Seminar Returns

Trade Show Success

To get the most value out of a pet industry trade show, retailers must do more than simply stroll down the aisles of vendor exhibits.

The Art of Matchmaking

Pairing potential owners with birds that complement their lifestyles will result in happy customers who will return to the store for years to come.

Distributor Expands Offering

Puuurrrrfect Clean

The Brush-Off

There are so many brushes and combs on the market; how does a groomer choose the right one for the task at hand?
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