The Best of the Best

My Dog is dedicated to manufacturing quality pet toys, and the company knows what it means to have a dog’s best interest at heart.


In 2008, the My Dog brand debuted at the H.H. Backer Spring Trade Show, showing off the industry’s first line of patent-pending premium dog toys that combines rubber with plush or faux fur.

Tom McCann, My Dog’s president, is the founder and designer of the Wubba toy brand. Since McCann teamed up with KONG in 2006, Wubba has grown to be a best seller amongst many retailers. Due to this success, and impressed with the level of expertise, dedication and compassion KONG has shown toward the pet industry, McCann decided to team up with KONG yet again with the My Dog brand.

The My Dog brand consists of innovative toys made only with safe materials. They are designed to contribute to a dog’s physical wellbeing and to enhance the bond between owner and pet.

The company’s core philosophy (“Only the Best for My Dog”) is reflected in every aspect of production. Designs and materials are always heavily researched. Toys are subjected to lengthy testing to arrive at a product line that evokes the most interactive experience between pets and their owners. When it comes to materials, the rubber used employs the highest purity levels of rubber to ensure safety, bounce and enjoyment; and the rope toys are produced with U.S.-sourced cotton and organic vegetable dyes. 

With over 30 years of importing experience and over 200 trips to China, McCann set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Suzhou, China. The facility is over 250,000 square feet in size and is capable of producing 80,000 rubber parts per day. “China is capable of making the best and safest products in the world,” says McCann, “but the fact is, you get what you pay for. If you want quality, you need to pay a little more. If you don’t care about quality, you can buy a cheap product that may not have a pet’s best interest in mind. It’s not where the product is produced, it’s how much you are willing to spend to purchase or produce safe, quality merchandise.”

Timing Is Everything
“We are at a prolific juncture in terms of the sentiments afforded to pets today,” says McCann. “Success in this $43 billion market begins with recognizing the strength that emotion plays between pets and their owners. The market is buoyed by a powerful confluence of generations– Eco Boomers, Generation X-ers and empty-nesters are all purchasing products for their pets because they are driven by different emotional motivations.”

My Dog takes this idea to heart–literally. The heart form is a part of the core iconic shape the brand is built on, as a reminder that owning and caring for a pet is a matter of the heart. “With a complete line of products that reflect this sentiment, we not only have the opportunity to capture a level of unrivaled trust in our brand, we also help establish a level of trust in the retail venues that carry our product,” says McCann.

The future is looking bright for McCann, who hopes to eventually launch more innovative products. And based on the brands he has already created, these endeavors are bound to produce “Only the Best.”

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