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Show and Tell

Retailers can attract customers and stimulate sales by creatively building effective displays.

Aquarium Lamps and Fixtures

Knowledgeable retailers with the right inventory can make lamp and fixture sales soar.

Becoming a Better Customer

Developing strong distributor relationships helps pet specialty retailers improve the profitability of their stores.

Beauty Rest

A diverse assortment and effective merchandising spur retail sales of dog beds.

Master the Market

Knowing the cat food market and the trends is key to maximizing sales.

A Whole-Health Approach

As pet owners strive to live healthier lifestyles, they are increasingly turning to holistic services for their four-legged loved ones.

Profitable Partnerships

The Road to Success

The close relationship between independent pet specialty retailers and their distributor partners has long been–and continues to be–the cornerstone of a healthy pet industry.

The Spa Experience

Groomers easily and inexpensively create a spa atmosphere to boost salon business.

The Picky Parrot

Retailers can guide customers through the process of getting finicky parrots on a balanced diet.

Bright Eyes

Lynda Winkowski, president of Angels’ Eyes, lets retailers in on what they need to know to help customers address the issue of tear stains.

Nature Meets Technology

At Espree, each product is a unique blend of advanced technology and natural, organic, human-grade ingredients for safe and smart grooming products.

Mommy Blogger Marketing

Retailers can benefit from tapping into the local, mommy-driven blogosphere.

The Home Gym

Retailers who successfully pitch the importance of toys stand to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

Skin Solutions

Skincare products offer retailers an opportunity to help their customers save some money while boosting the store’s bottom line.

Make the Holidays Merry

Retailers can take steps to reduce stress levels and stimulate more sales during the coming holiday season.

JLA Pets Licenses Simmons Bedding Brand

New PIJAC President/CEO

New Look for Nutri-Vet

Espree Updates Packaging, Logo

Nurtured Pets Makes Product, Package Improvements

Investing in Your Business

Company of Animals Gets New Look

Dogswell Launches New Line

PetEdge Opens New Distribution Center

Distributor Annoucements

New Grain-Free Treat Line

Healthy Habitats

Small pets need amply sized habitats to have long, happy, healthy lives.

Good Kitty

Customers can use everyday cat supplies to help deter bad behaviors and encourage good ones.

Lean and Green

Tropiclean succeeds by focusing on what it does best and committing to being all natural and “green.”

The Benefits of Enzymes

Pet King Brand’s line of enzymatic ear and skin therapies has been used by veterinarians for over ten years, and now it is available to the retail market.

A Natural World

Natural products have infiltrated every pet care category, including small animal, herptile, bird and fish.

Raw at Retail

Reed Howlett, CEO of Nature’s Variety, talks about the best way for retailers to incorporate raw food in their product line up.

Bankruptcy Basics

Retailers who find themselves in financial distress may want to consider filing for personal bankruptcy, but first they will need to understand some basic facts.

Reinventing Luxury

The boutique market has undergone major changes over the last few years, and storeowners have worked to keep up with changes in demand.

Winning Hearts & Shoppers

The Next Level of Online Outreach

For pet specialty retailers, getting the store's social media accounts up and running is just the first step in taking advantage of these new marketing platforms.

If You Can’t Stand the Heat

There are plenty of low- and no-heat herptiles available for customers that are turned off by the intense heat many reptiles crave.

Making Friends

Establishing friendships with each and every person who walks into the store will ensure the life of your business—and best of all, it doesn’t cost a cent.

Medium-sized Parrots

For most customers, bigger is not always better when it comes to buying a parrot.

Fancy Felines

For an existing salon, cat grooming is an excellent source of income with minimal investment.
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