Nature Meets Technology

At Espree, each product is a unique blend of advanced technology and natural, organic, human-grade ingredients for safe and smart grooming products.


Teri Jones grew up with two things: her family’s cosmetics business and pets. So in 1989 it seemed only natural to combine the two passions. Espree Animal Products was born.

From the start, Teri saw going natural as the smart choice and placed an importance on developing products that are equal or better than other products on the market, but are made using all-natural ingredients. When the company launched, the natural tidal wave had yet to wash over the market, says Justin Jones, Teri’s husband and president of Espree Animal Products. “The company was ahead of the curve,” he says.


Espree’s mission is to combine the wisdom of nature with innovative technology. In striving for that goal, the company has grown its product portfolio from a five-product line to over 50-product SKUs, distributed in 25 countries, with nine new products launched launched last month alone. Each new product continues to offer natural solutions to common grooming problems.

In the beginning, the majority of Espree customers were professional groomers, who provided the company with valuable feedback  as it developed new products. Today, professional groomers remain a strong segment of the company’s business–according to Justin, about 40 percent. In addition to its pet products, the company offers equine products, including repellants, shampoos and some health products. Sales in this category make up about 15 percent of Espree’s business. The rest of the company’s business is mostly retail, including a large percent of international sales.

Espree offers a variety of dog and cat products for sale at retail, including a variety of color-enhancing, medicated, therapeutic and aromatherapy shampoos and conditioners, natural alternatives to pesticides, colognes and perfumes, and health products.

Among the latest products to launch is a new line called Show Style, designed for the show dog but available for the retail consumer who wants their dog to look the part. It includes a hair spray to hold styled hair, a styling gel, a boost volumizing spray and a high-sheen finishing spray. In the same vein, to help pet owners bring the spa experience home, Espree has launched a Hot Oil Treatment and a Mud Bath Conditioning Treatment.

On A Mission
From the start, Espree aimed to use the best of nature to make the safest and most effective products possible. However, it also aimed to pair this natural-focus with technological advancements to keep it ahead of the curve–especially those improvements that allow it to be even more efficient and eco-friendly.

“We’re trying to use the best of nature in our products to make the safest and most effective products we can make,” says Justin. This means staying on top of new developments in the human marketplace. Most recently, this has led to the use of continuous spray cans for two of the company’s new products. “Historically, sprays come in aerosol cans and emit CFCs, so they’re generally not regarded as very good for the environment,” says Justin.

Right now, continuous spray applicators are popular in the human sunscreen market. Espree has adapted this  technology, using it as the delivery method for its Show Style Freeze Hair Hold and Show Style Volumizing Spray. 

But hair isn’t the only thing Espree is giving a lift. In order to help retailers better communicate the benefits of Espree products to pet owners, the company launched new packaging this last month The bottles feature a new shape and vibrant colors. Each product also now features a seal on the front with the natural and organic contents of that product.

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