The Benefits of Enzymes

Pet King Brand’s line of enzymatic ear and skin therapies has been used by veterinarians for over ten years, and now it is available to the retail market.


Pet King Brands was established over ten years ago by president Pamela Bosco. The company was founded on the concept that a patented formulation of enzymes could improve the health of a pet’s ears, skin and mouth, without the use of antibiotics and harsh chemicals.

Bosco’s brother, a talented bioscientist and developer of this formula, had been experiencing great success in the human market. Armed with this patented formulation and the knowledge of the incredible benefits and results of enzymes, Bosco introduced the Zymox line of products to the veterinary industry. The products quickly caught on as word spread of the results pet owners were experiencing with some of the most problematic and chronic ear and skin conditions. To add further validity to the effectiveness of the enzymes, multiple scientific studies were conducted and published. Now, ten years later, Bosco has expanded the line to include products for the retail market.

The Way It Works
All products manufactured by Pet King Brands employ a patented formulation of enzymes, which are all naturally occurring and derived. These enzymes have incredible properties on their own, yet when combined they pack a powerful antimicrobial punch. Unlike other commercially available products, they are incredibly effective without antibiotics, and they are gentle to the skin. This is very valuable to pet owners seeking a product that provides soothing relief and works to rid the pet of offending bacteria.

Another very unique feature of all the Zymox products is their ability to work not only as therapy products, but as preventative and maintenance products as well. The products are extremely gentle, yet so effective they can be safely used for extended periods of time, if needed, to manage, heal and prevent future irritations and infections. This is a stark contrast to what is currently available, since most products, when used over time, will cause bacteria to become resistant or will be too harsh on the pet. 

In the Store
To help retailers sell these products, Pet King has developed a floor display/power wing to give retailers the flexibility needed to display the items based on space and location. The display does an expert job of communicating the benefits of the products and is available as a value-added, with a minimum order. Included with the display is consumer literature to educate potential customers.

 In addition, because the Zymox products are all enzymatic, they can be effectively displayed in any area promoting natural products, as well as any general grooming areas.

In the near future, Pet King Brand plans to expand its offerings to retailers to include the company’s oral care products.

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