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What Recovery?

A turbulent year for the economy has raised some serious questions about what we can expect in terms of a post-recession rebound. What does this mean for pet specialty retailers as the calendar flips to 2012?

Straight from the Spa

Pet specialty retailers can profit from their customers’ desire to pamper their four-legged loved ones by building a well-crafted selection of spa products.

A Supplement Syllabus

Providing shoppers with a list of small-animal supplements can educate them, simplify their choices and encourage sales.

Hot Herptiles

These popular herptile species can make up the back bone of a pet specialty retailer’s herp business—all that is required is the right live inventory and the necessary supplies customers will need to be successful.

Raising the Bar

Attending trade shows can help pet specialty retailers expand their businesses and grow their customer bases.

October 2011 Advertiser Index

Arms of an Angel

As Angels’ Eyes evolves with the industry, the company remains dedicated to providing exceptional customer service.

Striving for Excellence

Safety First

As Safe-T-Pet Ice Melt enters its second year, Morton Salt brand manager Sara Matuszak tells Pet Business about the value it provides to pet specialty.

Putting in Face Time

Thinking of Facebook as a rather personal, face-to-face marketing tool can help a retailer build communities and thus build its customer base.

A Fresh Look at Marketing

Mastering just a few basic marketing and merchandising techniques can help a business take off and its bird-related sales to soar.

Something to Chew On

The natural products trend has had a significant impact in the dog chews category, and pet specialty stores stand to profit.

Life Stages

Manufacturers are tailoring canine products in various categories to meet the specific needs of dogs at every stage life, from puppyhood to the senior years.

Holiday Success by the Numbers

As the holiday season quickly approaches, Pet Business’ Industry Insider offers some advice on how pet specialty retailers can ensure their own yuletide cheer.

Green Pest Control

Stephanie L. Boone, founder and president of Wondercide, LLC, discusses the importance of all-natural flea and tick control and what retailers need to do to sell this category effectively.

In Living Color

Cat grass products offer cat owners a chance to treat their cat while also helping with a real problem: hairballs.

Laying the Groundwork

Retailers should brush up on their substrate knowledge to effectively sell the category to both new tank owners and hobbyists looking to replace old gravel.

Shrinking the Tax Bill

Lowering a pet store’s annual property taxes can be an effective way to put some money back into a retailer’s bottom line.

Showing Restraint

Identifying the most effective ways to restrain an animal during grooming sessions is key to keeping both groomers and animals safe.

FURminator Introduces Grooming Line

Cycle Dog Releases Toy Line

Animal Job Hunter Redesigns Website

Nutri-Vet Acquired by Beefeaters

Lickety Stik Launches Merchandising Displays

KONG Squeezz

La Fresh Releases Two Pet Care Lines

Royal Canin Launches Line For Mother and Baby Dogs

American Wood Fibers Becomes Sludge-Free

Hugs Pet Products Unveils Hydrating Toys

Stewart Offers Pro-Treat Sample Packs

Terra Firma

Retailers need to be armed with the right tools and information to get their terrarium business on solid ground.

Resting Assured

Shoppers will have a lot to consider when purchasing a dog bed, and retailers are their main resource for guidance.

A Family Affair

All in the Family

Over the past 30 years, Concord Pet Foods and Supplies—the 2011 Pet Business Retailer of the Year—has grown into a successful 21-store retail chain by combining the owner’s hands-on approach with empowered store managers.

A Plan Comes Together

The first full meeting of trustees and the steering committee for the Human-Animal Bond Research Initiative revealed just how much support this program is receiving from the industry.

Fashion on Display

William Viscome, owner of Puppe Love, a manufacturer of pet clothing and accessories, as well as merchandising fixtures for these products, discusses how pet specialty retailers can boost their sales in the apparel category.

Specialized Feline Foods

Niche cat diets offer retailers a point of differentiation and a chance to help build a loyal cat-owning customer base.

September 2011 Index

Pet Peeves

Pet Business’ new Industry Insider columnist reveals some of his biggest gripes about pet retailers and points out how a simple change in approach can breed success for storeowners.

Table Talk

Since one size does not fit all, grooming tables these days come in various styles with a wide range of features for salons to choose from.

Hassle-Free Remodeling

There are a variety of legal issues that may arise when remodeling a pet store, so retailers must be careful to anticipate and minimize potential problems.

New and Natural

Performance Pet vice president of sales and marketing Rob Cadenhead talks about the company’s new Spring Naturals line.

The Mother of Invention

The introduction of T-Kennel’s modular kennel system over 25 years ago solved an old problem, and it is a solution that continues to evolve.

House Hunting

Retailers that respond to the needs of their customers by offering the habitats they want to buy will boost goodwill as well as sales.

Gone Fishin'

Retailers can distinguish their stores from others with livestock assortments that inspire awe as well as sales.

Thinking Outside the Cage

Get customers to view wild birds as their personal “outdoor pets” and watch sales of premium wild bird seed mixes soar.

Modernizing the Checkout

Pet specialty retailers can boost their store’s profits by upgrading their point-of-sale systems.

Furnished Upon Request

Industry experts say that an expanding influx of natural products is improving quality, safety and aesthetics in the pet furniture category.

Adding POP to the Pet Store

If done properly, point-of-sale marketing campaigns can be a great way for a pet specialty retailer to introduce new products, push slow-moving items out the door or simply bolster their bottom line with impulse sales.

Deal or No Deal?

Daily deal sites have been popping up like dandelions and can either be a blessing or a curse for small business owners—how do you decide?
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