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View from the Bottom

Substrate is not a sexy product category, but with the right assortment and smart merchandising, retailers can maximize its sales potential.

Home Entertainment

Offering a variety of cage accessories will give customers more opportunities to buy and pets more opportunity to play.

A Sight to See

Reptile displays that evoke wonder and awe are sure to also evoke sales and a bump in new reptile customers for creative retailers.

Saving Lives and Sanity

Products that address the needs of puppies and senior or disabled dogs not only make their lives easier, they do the same for their owners, improving the quality of life for both.

Trade Show Dos & Don'ts

There are 10 key steps that every pet specialty retailer should follow in order to have a successful tradeshow experience.

A Super Forecast

Out in the Cold

Pet apparel manufacturers make it a priority to keep pets warm and safe in the winter, while still striving to appeal to fashion-conscious shoppers.

Grand Designs

Gretchen George, president of PetRageous Designs, discusses how her company is bringing fun, fashion and function to a wide range of pet product categories.

Natural Development

The cat litter category has been transformed by an influx of a variety of natural products, and the trend shows no sign of slowing.

Safe & Sound

Jason Hart, director of marketing for Pet Safe, discusses how Radio Systems is strengthening the Pet Safe brand by broadening its offerings into new product categories.

An Old-School Approach

The owners of Pet Express have built the kind of pet stores they grew up with as kids, offering animals a safe environment and customers a memorable shopping experienc

Scratching the Surface

By serving as a reliable resource of information and supplies in the nail-care category, retailers can help customers keep pets' nails in top-notch shape, while boosting sales.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

Pet-themed giftware represents a great opportunity for retailers looking for new ways to grow their businesses.

Fresh & Green

Cat gardens are on the rise, and they represent a great way to add some green to the store this fall.

Designed for Success

Retailers know that differentiation is the key to standing out in an increasingly competitive retail environment; but they often overlook design as one basic way to shine.

View from the Top

The second annual Top2Top Conference will feature a variety of speakers that will discuss the current state of the pet care industry, as well as future challenges and opportunities.

In Case of Emergency

Well-informed retailers can help bird owners be prepared to handle pet birds' most common medical emergencies.

KONG Pudge BraidZ

NCR Silver POS

Walk Right Padded Front Harness

Menforsan Brand Launches in U.S.

Central Garden & Pet Co. Wins Silver Stevie Award

Pet Care Pavilion to Debut at Private Label Show

KONG Provides Toys for Several Organizations

Bravo! Revamps Packaging

Pets in the Classroom Introduces Sponsorship Campaigns

Spring Naturals Unveils POP Toolkit

AIKIOU Creates Interactive Bowls

World's Best Cat Litter Updates Packaging

Zuke's Launches Fuel the Love Tour

Multipet Launches New Website

Angels' Eyes Unveils New Products

Distributor Announcements: September 2012

Dog Quality Redesigns Washable Wonders

Feline Lickety Stik Extends Merchandising Package Deal

Moving On Up

New habitat designs present more choices than ever for retailers to offer small-pet owners.

September Advertiser Index

Building Momentum

Showing Restraint

Restraining difficult dogs is challenge for every groomer, and every groomer needs to seek his or her own solution.

Taking Stock of Livestock

Taking the time to evaluate and fix the shortcomings in your livestock department can translate into happier customers and stronger sales.

Hunting for Healthy

Dog owners are seeking out supplements and remedies formulated to maximize their pets' vitality and treat minor issues, which is great news for retailers stocking these items.

A Healthy Habit

Regularly making time to conceptualize and execute a great marketing plan can become as habitual as brushing your teeth-and as beneficial, too.

Battling Breed Bans

While many jurisdictions are enacting or considering bans on “dangerous” dog breeds, research overwhelmingly shows that such legislation is, at best, misguided.

Keeping Kitty Clean

Cat grooming is on the rise, as a result of increased knowledge about feline care. Wise retailers would do well to leverage the category's growth to increase product sales.

Nature Walk

Manufacturers are producing environmentally friendly collars, leashes and harnesses that appeal to the eco-conscious and not-so eco-conscious consumer alike.

Product Roundup: Primed for Play

Noteworthy toys that are sure to stimulate and entertain our four-legged friends.

The Outsiders

With the success that the pet industry has experienced, it's no wonder that it is drawing so much interest from outside investors.

Safety Check

In-store accidents can be very costly for pet retailers, so it's important that storeowners do everything in their power to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the store.

A Positive Social Paw Print

Pet product manufacturers are showing their charitable side by working to make a difference in the lives of needy pets.

Welcome to the Club

Pet Club has emerged from the desert to become a player in several markets across Arizona and Colorado. The chain's rapid growth and success are why it has been selected as the Pet Business Retailer of the Year.

Identifying a Profit Center

Pet identification products have come a long way from the simple dog tags of yesteryear to include a variety of fashionable and high-tech options. The result is a category that often proves quite profitable for independent pet stores.

Sales Go Wild

Why carry wild bird products? The numbers say it all.

A Fresh Take

Lambert Kay is undergoing a broad re-branding that extends across the company's entire line of grooming, household and health care products, says Rick Blomquist, director-consumer animal products sales.

A Veteran's View

As he prepares to end his 30-year career in the pet industry, Jim Flipp, corporate food buyer for the Chuck & Don's 22-store pet chain in Minnesota and Colorado, discusses how the pet food category has evolved along with his retail family.

Palatable Health

Jim Boyd, sales manager - North America for NoviPet Inc., discusses the state of the pet supplement market, as well as the company's approach to making supplements healthy and appetizing.

Desert Dwellers

Since a desert terrarium is simply deserted without inhabitants, customers need help finding the right animals for this unique setup.
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