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To help control pet odors, retailers should offer a wide range of products for use on floors, carpets, in cages, and even on the pets themselves.




One of the biggest drawbacks to owning a pet is the stinky mess they often leave behind. But while animal odors are an inevitable part of living with a pet, there are a number of products designed to address this downside. And thanks to innovations from manufacturers, today’s odor-eliminators truly live up to their name, as they don’t just mask the scents left behind by our beloved pets, but eradicate the underlying cause of these odors.

Marshall Pet Products
Marshall Pet Products, Inc., offers a three-pronged strategy to combat pet odors. GoodBye Odor is added to the food to reduce odors from the inside out, while 180XT is a stain, odor and pheromone remover for spot cleaning. Marshall also has two spray-on products to battle ferret body odor, which are gentle and safe enough for daily use. Ferret Daily Spritz blends odor reducing agents and neutralizers with conditioners and aloe vera to help keep the coat fresh-smelling, shiny and soft between shampoos. Ferret Tea Tree Spray, formulated by ferret experts specifically for a ferret’s sensitive skin, is designed to deodorize, condition, protect and soothe a ferret’s coat and skin.

Lambert Kay
Lambert Kay produces a number of products designed to control pet odors in the home. Alyssa Guertin, associate brand manager, says, “Our pet household products work fantastically to clean up any pet stains or odors. Our Fresh ’n Clean Oxy-Strength Pet Odor & Stain Remover, not only removes stains from carpeting, bedding, furniture and hard surfaces, or even clothing, it actually bonds to odors and releases them into the air where they can be more quickly dissipated versus continuing to fester wherever they are occurring.

For any pet owner who wants to keep their house as allergy-free as possible, Lambert Kay’s Fresh ’n Clean Odor Plus Hair & Allergen Remover—Carpet & Upholstery Foam helps release hair and allergens from fabric. “It’s also very unique in that, unlike most other spray or liquid carpet products out there, it’s a mess-free, convenient foam that then breaks down into an easy-to-vacuum powder,” says Guertin. “And yet, it works so well on odors that it is like cleaning your carpet or furniture.”

Rounding out Lambert Kay’s selection is Fresh ’n Clean Pet Odor Absorbers, which removes pet odors from the air and captures them within an absorptive solid that slowly evaporates. “It lasts up to 60 days and is great for pet areas like cages, litter boxes, puppy pad areas, etc.,” says Guertin. The Odor Absorbers include baking soda and come in three scents: Ocean Breeze, Fresh Linen and Green Tea & Sage.

SeaYu Enterprises
SeaYu Enterprises’ Clean+Green line of odor-control products—including a product specifically made for small animals—are made from cane-sugar derivatives, a proprietary blend of botanical extracts, hydrated cellulose (a plant-based cleaning agent), purified water, and nitrogen gas as a natural propellant. Dennis Seaman, vice president of sales and marketing, says that all of the products in the line use the same basic formulation, but they are made in different strengths—the strongest is formulated to remove skunk odor, and the most mild are for use with small animal and birds.

Because SeaYu’s Small Animal All-Purpose Cleaner, Odor Eliminator & Stain Remover is completely non-toxic, it can be sprayed directly on pets to control body odor, as well as used on cages and other surfaces to clean and deodorize.

Seaman explains that when CLEAN+GREEN is sprayed on a surface, it shears the hydrocarbon chain of an odor source, and then encapsulates the odor source, which immediately eliminates the odor. Once CLEAN+GREEN encapsulates the odor source, it becomes a microbial-food source for the indigenous bacteria in the environment, which accelerates the biodegradability of the odor source. It does not need to be rinsed off because the only by-products from using CLEAN+GREEN are carbon and water.

 “We are seeing a trend of consumers adopting a natural lifestyle, because they want to take better care of themselves,” says Seaman. “We’ve seen a significant increase in sales over the last 18 months. And the level of adoption [of these products] is directly related to the energy expended in educating customers. However, the most important factor when it comes to natural products is if they work. It they don’t work, people will move on to other products. Our products really work. The largest breeder of sugar gliders in the U.S., in Florida, tested our products, and I was impressed with the fact that she was extremely thorough. She found our products to be very effective and now uses them extensively.”

Unique Natural Products
Unique Natural Products makes a line of products that use non-pathogenic bacteria, the same process nature has been using to recycle organic waste from the beginning of time. “We’ve used nature’s technique and added bacterial digestants that are completely natural and safe, to speed up the process so it takes minutes and hours instead of months and years,” says Julie Homes, general manager. “Most chemical products will break down the organic waste, but will not eliminate it completely. Our Pet Odor and Stain Eliminator completely eliminates pet stains and odors naturally and will not damage any surface that water will not damage.

“Because our products are safe and non-toxic, they can be sprayed right on a pet, as well as used to deodorize cages. Our products work on both new and old stains, and we offer a 100-percent refund if the customer isn’t completely satisfied.”

All Unique Natural Products feature a customer service phone number on the package for customers to contact if they have questions. Homes says that pet-shop employees will often call for their customers, and she will ask them to use speaker phone, so both the customer and employee will learn as she talks through the problem.

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