A History of Health

Janis Gianforte, president of NUPRO Pet Supplements, discusses why the company has been able to keep pets happy and healthy for a quarter of a century.


Pet Business: This year, NUPRO Pet Supplements is celebrating its 25th anniversary. Can you tell us a little about the history of the company?

Janis Gianforte:
About 25 years ago, I was working the horse business, training a stable of standardbred racehorses, which are the trotters and pacers. One day, I met a nutrition doctor who made a horse supplement that I was using in my business and really liked. It really made a difference for the horses I was working with. This doctor told me that he also had a product for dogs and cats, but he really hadn’t had a chance to do anything with it. Of course, I was so happy with his horse product, I decided to give this other product a try on some barn cats at the stable. Once again, I really noticed a positive difference in the animals, and it made me a believer in the product [which became NUPRO All-Natural Dog Supplement].

I went back to the doctor and said, “Let me see if I can do something with this supplement, because the world needs to know about a tremendous product like this.”

So, I started taking it to dog shows, where I knew that I could find an audience that really cared about their pets. The people who took a chance on the product—remember, back then, pet supplements really weren’t widely understood—got incredible results, and the product started selling like crazy.

After that, the product took off, and I had to leave the horse business to concentrate on the supplement full time. 

PB: What are some of the other supplement products NUPRO offers?

We’ve had the Custom Electrolyte Formula for Dogs product pretty much from the beginning. It has really become popular with the owners of Frisbee dogs, agility dogs and dock-diving dogs—all activities that take place outdoors during the summer, when dogs are exposed to heat. It is also great for working dogs, like those used by the military, which we regularly donate free products to.

When we decided to come out with a joint supplement, we could have just put chondroitin and glucosamine together with a few other ingredients, including something for palatability, and said it has to be used in conjunction with the original NUPRO supplement, which does a multitude of other things. Instead, we chose to put it all in one product, which is NUPRO Joint & Immunity Support.

The product we have for cats [NUPRO Health Nuggets for Cats] comes in a pellet form, because most people feed their pet cats dry food. It is mostly the same formula that we use for dogs, but with added alfalfa, fish meal and other ingredients to help with cats’ joints.

We came up with our All-Natural Ferret Formula because many ferret owners do not feed their pet a diet that is formulated specifically for ferrets.

PB: What separates NUPRO supplements from other competitors in the marketplace?

First of all, we keep it affordable. We use only the best ingredients, but we sell our products at a price that is manageable for all pet owners.

We’ve known all of our suppliers for years, and we know that we’re getting only the highest-quality ingredients from them. What’s more, we do all of the blending and packaging ourselves, so we know that high quality is being preserved in the final product.

In addition, we have tons of testimonials from pet owners who have used our products and say that they have really made a difference in their pets. The bottom line is our products work, and pet owners see results in less than two weeks.

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