Aquatic Experience – Chicago to Take Center Stage in November



The aquatics industry will soon swim its way into the spotlight again, as the World Pet Association (WPA) hosts the Aquatic Experience – Chicago, being held Nov. 7 to 9, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center, in Schaumburg, Ill. The show made its debut on the pet industry trade show circuit last year, and the WPA promises an expanded, even more dynamic fishbowl, if you will, this year. 


Aquatic Experience – Chicago, which is aptly billed as “everything aquatic under one roof,” will feature the return of the Live Shark Encounter and the Kids Aquarium Contest, as well as the addition of more than 130 tropical fish tanks, presented by the Florida Tropical Fish Farmers Association. Attendees will come face to face with an aquatic menagerie of U.S.-farmed tropical freshwater and saltwater fish, in displays designed to inspire all attendees—from veteran retailers to seasoned aquarists to newbie hobbyists. 


Basically, the show promises something for everyone—at least, everyone with an interest in aquatics. 



For those with a competitive streak—and others who are more the spectator type—the show will play host to two new aquatic competitions: the Aquascaping Live! Contest, presented by the Aquatic Gardeners Association, and the Aquatic Experience Fancy Guppy Competition, presented by the International Fancy Guppy Association.


For those interested in expanding their knowledge, the Aquatic Experience offers a robust schedule of educational seminars. Among the most anticipated will be a behind-the-scenes look at the world of public aquariums delivered by keynote speaker Jeff Gibula, zoological operations manager at the Newport Aquarium, in Newport, Ky., who is presenting in partnership with Chicago’s Shedd Aquarium. There is also a long list of notable experts who will speak on a variety topics, including aquarium and water garden plants; fish breeding; changes in the aquatic world; specialty stores in niche markets; hiring and training strategies; designing a successful fish room; and aquatic explorations of Thailand and Lake Tanganyika.


For the show’s youngest attendees, the Children’s Touch Tank will offer a more hands-on education.


And let’s not forget about some of the most important attendees: retailers. The show’s organizers promise a bustling floor of exhibitors showcasing the latest in aquatic trends and products. 


Hopefully, the exhibitor portion of the show will grow and thrive each year. After all, without livestock, supplies and the retailers that sell them—as well as play a huge role in many hobbyists’ success—there would be no Aquatic Experience, for anyone. 


Photos Courtesy of the World Pet Association (WPA).


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