Gaining in Training

From dealing with accidents to correcting behavior, these products will ease the training process and encourage dogs to achieve their best behavior.




Wiki Wags has Disposable Male Dog Wraps that are a convenient and reliable source of protection when it comes to unwanted wetting. The wrap contains a diaper that comes in four sizes ranging from 6 to 32 in.



The Pet Convincer from Canine Innovations is a training device that helps correct behavior. When a dog exhibits an unwanted behavior such as digging or stealing food from the dining table, its owner can point the device at the dog’s shoulder and pull the lever to deliver a blast of air.



The Puppy Pad Wizard is an odor-free and convenient way to dispose of used puppy pads and doggie diapers. It has a spring-loaded push-pull drawer that protects hands from getting wet and dirty. The button on top of the hydrant, when pushed, releases a fine mist of odor-neutralizing spray to combat any lingering scents. An 8-oz. bottle of the spray and 30 Puppy Pad Wizard bags are included.




The HALTI All-In-One Lead from The Company of Animals is a training leash that provides style, versatility and comfort for owners out and about with their dogs. Crafted with a soft, neoprene-lined handle, the three-way lead design can be handheld, serve as a tie-out tether or be used belt style around the waist for hands-free control while running. This multi-function lead features an elastic shock absorber to protect both the dog and owner from any sudden jolts. A second handle is positioned close to the metal clasp for situations requiring instant restraint. It also comes with an interwoven 3M Scotchlite reflective strip so owners and pets are visible during nighttime walks. The lead is available in two sizes and four colors.



Starmark’s Pro-Training Quicker Clicker is a vertically operated clicker with a belt clip for hands-free training. The clip can be attached to a pocket or belt. The clicker’s easy-to-press raised dome makes for faster clicking, and the cylindrical shape is comfortable and easy to hold. The Quicker Clicker produces a clear, crisp sound to create a consistent marker that allows owners to shape and reward positive behavior.

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