Groom With Love

Carmen Slaven, product marketing manager for ConairPRO Pet, discusses the latest innovations from one of the most familiar and trusted brands in the home grooming category.



How is the home grooming category performing in pet stores? What is driving this performance? The grooming floor at retailers is performing well and expanding by offering an increased selection of products for pet parents. Three key areas driving this performance in retail include grooming services, tools/retail and wellness products.


What makes Conair stand out in the home grooming products market? What does the company do better than anyone else? Conair is the most recognized brand name for personal care appliances and hair accessories in the U.S. and Canada. 80 percent of our customer base is female.


Our technology is endless. More than seven in 10 households have a Conair product. Conair is perceived as a familiar and trusted brand that offers good value and is known for quality.


What are some of Conair’s most popular pet grooming products? What are the key features of these products? Our product line continues to grow in the nail, brush and clipper categories. Conair pet products stand out on-shelf with beauty-inspired style, great packaging and comfortable ergonomic handles.


What are the newest innovations from Conair? How do these products improve upon what’s come before? We are targeting new pet parents with a value kit launching in October 2018. This value kit introduces the new pet parent to the Conair brand, as well as the essential tools for grooming and keeping their new furry family member healthy and happy.


How does Conair leverage its experience in the professional pet grooming industry, as well as the human products market, to innovate the home grooming category? Education is a huge part of the pet grooming industry. Conair is creating valuable marketing tools for retailers to use in stores and creating live “How To Use” sessions with our brand ambassador, Joey Villani, supporting new pet parents on social media.


What does the future hold for Conair and the home grooming category overall? We have a variety of new product offerings slated for launch in 2019 and 2020. Stay tuned… PB


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