Small Animal Habitat Trends

This collection of habitats offers a variety of features designed to keep small animals happy and safe, while making it easier than ever for pet owners to care for their critters.




The Kaytee CritterTrail SUPER Habitat is designed for larger breeds of small animals, including Syrian hamsters. It offers 540 sq. in. of living space, and the large top access door allows both hands to enter the habitat to ensure safe removal of pets. Accessories (sold separately) include the large-size, 10-in. Kaytee Silent Spinner Wheel, which is quiet either free standing or attached, and the Kaytee CritterTrail Wide Open Door Fun-nel Tube, which is 10 in. in length and easy to attach and clean.



The Ware 35-in. Mess Resistant Chew Proof Cage is perfect for containing critter messes and discouraging aggressive chewing habits. The wire frame sits inside an extra deep pan that helps catch any messes that would otherwise end up on your furniture or the floor of your home. Cage includes a 16-oz. water bottle, 6-oz. food bowl, top handles for easy carrying, a locking door, four metal shelves and four metal ramps. Unlike plastic, the metal components are durable and can withstand critter chewing. The one-piece wire design offers easy assembly, with no tools required.



The Critterville Arcade Hamster Home from MIDWEST Homes for Pets is a fun and unique cage that has everything needed to make pet hamsters feel at home. Each Critterville Arcade comes with an exercise wheel, water bottle, food bowl, circular cubby and interior play tubes. The easy-to-clean plastic base is designed to be deep enough to contain messes and give hamsters room to burrow and run. The wire top provides proper ventilation and allows pet owners to enjoy watching their hamsters play. The Critterville Arcade also comes with a port and connecting rings to add play tubes or connect multiple cages.



The Deluxe Critter Home from Prevue Pet Products offers 7/16-in. tight wire spacing and no gaps or pinch points. The home is large (37 in. L x 23 1/8 in. W x 63 3/8 in. H), has four levels and comes with three ramps, five platforms and a hammock (all removable). It is lightweight, yet sturdy and has casters so it is easy to move. This home is safe for multiple, active small animals that like to try and squeeze through small spaces, including ferrets, rats, and sugar gliders (because there is plenty of space for them to jump and glide). The cage has ample room for accessories and has a bottom shelf for storage.



The IRIS USA Hamster Cage is a multi-level habitat designed for hamsters and other small animals. A unique, clear front panel gives pet owners the perfect view of their hamsters’ antics, while the wire sides allows for maximum airflow. The plastic base is deep enough to allow hamsters to burrow, while keeping messes contained, and it is simply unsnapped and removed for easy clean up. Two doors on the top and one on the side provide access to the pet at any time. The IRIS Hamster Cage comes with an exercise wheel, water bottle and food dish. It measures 17.72 in. L x 12.20 in. W x 19.29 in. H with 3/8 in. of space between wire bars.


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