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Brittany Green, product manager for Tomlyn Veterinary Science, discusses how the company’s latest high-quality supplements support the health and well being of pets.




Tell us about Tomlyn. What is the company’s history? What types of products do you offer? Tomlyn Veterinary Science focuses on the health and wellness of dogs, cats, horses and calves through beneficial health supplements. Our pet product range includes high-calorie supplements, respiratory support, joint support, digestive aids, calming aids, first-aid products and more. Our large animal offering includes joint support, muscle recovery, digestive defense, respiratory support and others.


Tomlyn was created by an entrepreneurial veterinarian and his wife, who were looking to formulate high-quality supplements for pets. In 2013, Tomlyn caught the attention of the world’s ninth-largest veterinary focused company and was purchased by Vetoquinol SA. Vetoquinol began in 1933 with a dedication to animal health and remains family-owned to this day.


What are some of Tomlyn’s most popular products? What are the key features of these products? In recent years, attention has turned to newer available products such as Relax & Calm and Pre & Probiotics. Relax & Calm is a calming aid aimed at easing anxiety and stress brought on by unexpected situations, such as trips to the vet, loud noises, travel, boarding or others. Pre & Probiotics supports a healthy gut by providing the highest CFUs on the market and a unique ‘pre’biotic that helps feed the probiotic, allowing the good bacteria to flourish in the gut.


Tomlyn recently introduced Urinary Tract Health and Loose Stool Remedy supplements. What makes these products special? Loose Stool Remedy – Firm Fast helps when a stressful situation causes upset stomachs. The product includes kaolin and pectin to help absorb water from stool and soothe intestinal lining, plus a probiotic to rebuild good gut health. Available in two gel sizes and 10-count tablets, these products have been available in the vet channel for years with strong recommendations from vets and boarding facilities across the U.S.


Urinary Tract Health helps support normal urinary tract function and healthy waste elimination. It contains compounds from cranberry extract (PACs) that help keep bacteria from sticking to the lining of the urinary tract. Most products contain only three percent of PACs while Tomlyn’s Urinary Tract Health has 30 percent, making it far more concentrated than competitors.


What makes Tomlyn’s approach to pet healthcare stand out in a crowded market? Quality products that strive to improve the overall health and wellness of animals while providing value to the pet parent.


Beyond offering a wide variety of solution-oriented healthcare products, how does Tomlyn help retailers drive business? What types of sales and marketing support do you provide retailers? To retailers, we offer marketing efforts to help train associates and draw customer attention at the shelf, as well as materials that explain products in the absence in personnel. Additionally, we advertise to the pet parent in various avenues to drive demand.


What does the future hold for Tomlyn? Do you have any new products currently in the pipeline? Tomlyn is focusing more on solutions, versus aimlessly developing products for consumption. Our goal for the immediate future is to look deeper at natural products and how we can make a significant impact in the market, providing unique solutions to a different segment of pet parents. PB


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