Should You Boost Your Pet’s Bowl?

Topping pet foods to improve nutrition is becoming increasingly popular, and is seen as essential for health and wellbeing.



With the increased awareness of the benefits provided by raw nutrition and limited ingredient, minimally processed pet foods, it is no surprise that ‘boosting your pet’s bowl’ has become a popular addition to a pet’s diets.

High-quality, minimally processed diets like raw-feeding have always shown some of the best results when it comes to pet nutrition. Not only do pet parents notice their pet’s skin and coats are healthier and visibly shinier, they also notice increased vitality and energy, as well as reductions in backyard waste and improved digestion.

While raw diets are commonly associated with being an optimal diet consisting of a whole-prey balance of meats, organs and bone, they have also been associated with being an inconvenient, time-consuming, and potentially unsafe option when compared to processed dry foods counterparts in the traditional kibble market.

For pet parents feeding a primarily kibble diet, the reality of feeding highly processed foods that lack nutrition necessary for their pet to thrive has become a huge discussion point of late. Topping to boost nutrition and replace missing nutrition that has become increasingly popular and is seen as an essential addition to a pet’s diets for their health and wellbeing. But with all of the different topper options currently on the market, is there any product that really stands out from the rest?

ZIWI, the global leader and innovator of air-dried pet nutrition would say there is.

Offering the nutritional benefits of a raw diet with the convenience and safety of dry foods, topping with ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes provides pet parents an excellent and affordable way to deliver a delicious nutritious boost to pets that pet parents can feel good about too.

All ZIWI air-dried recipes are rich in ethically-sourced New Zealand meats, organs, bone and seafood, which make up 96% of the total recipe. The addition of a 10% superfoods blend—including cold-washed green tripe or poultry heart for palatability, whole New Zealand green mussels for skin and joint health, and organic kelp for additional trace minerals—provide sa mouth-watering nutritional boost for any canine companion.

All ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes make for an excellent meal topper, as well as complete meal or treat on its own. and are a raw alternative pet food with a gently air-dried twist—meaning you get the nutrition of a raw diet without any of the hassle. Just scoop and serve!

ZIWI’s range of single-protein recipes are a good choice for picky eaters or allergy-sensitive pets. For those looking to add more variety to their pet’s diet, ZIWI’s new ZIWI Peak Provenance Series features three new multi-protein recipes, each featuring 5 meats and fish sourced from specific regions of New Zealand.

Studies continue to show the extensive benefits of topping; but just like pet foods, not all toppers are created equal. Whether you are looking for a nutritious topper to boost your dog’s bowl, or you are looking to give your pet additional variety to their meal, ZIWI Peak air-dried recipes provide naturally delicious nutrition to your pets diet—Peak nutrition without compromise!


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