Staying Competitive in the Pet eCommerce Space



Brick-and-mortar pet suppliers and pet stores will always be around in some capacity, but it’s becoming all too clear that, moving forward, eCommerce poses an existential threat to the independent stores and smaller chains that refuse to ride the wave.

About half of all pet supplies purchased online are bought from one retailer—and that retailer isn’t Amazon. With online pet sales quadrupling this past decade with lots of room to grow, it’s never been more important to get your store online and build your customer base.

Building out eCommerce for your store doesn’t have to be an expensive or difficult ordeal. In fact, with the right point-of-sale software, your online store can automatically generate more revenue for your business while operating as a natural extension of your existing storefront.  


Retail as a Service (RaaS) for Your Pet Store
It might be difficult to compete with an Amazon or a Chewy in logistics. However, with the right software, independent pet stores and smaller chains can do what the tech giants can’t do—marry the personal touch of small and local business with the power of Software as a Service (SaaS).

Through eCommerce by Franpos, business owners can establish monthly subscriptions to commonly purchased products like pet food or litter. Customers that patronize your store can establish weekly or monthly recurring orders and head in whenever it’s most convenient to pick them up.

Through Retail as a Service (RaaS), business owners can make it even easier to serve their customers’ needs and generate more consistent revenue along the way.


Integrated Delivery Services
Powerful eCommerce functionality is great—but it needs the support of a robust delivery system to really unlock its potential. Through Delivery by Franpos, operations are as streamlined as possible for business owners.

Businesses can launch a branded application for their customers to use on their phones alongside their desktop eCommerce platform. Once orders are placed, they can be delivered either by internal staff or through the Postmates network.

That way, businesses can deliver their goods if and when possible—or, choose to outsource delivery and reach more customers without sending needed employees on the road. This system allows store managers to choose which orders are sent internally, ensuring labor is applied as efficiently as possible.

Plus, with a coinciding employee-facing application, stores can send their employees on the most efficient routes to deliver products even faster.


Seamlessly Extending Your Storefront
Finally, by choosing to partner with your point of sale supplier to build your eCommerce platform, every item and its inventory is synchronized automatically. Pet store owners will never sell product they don’t have and can opt to receive automatic reports detailing what’s running low and what needs to be ordered.

Online eCommerce platforms can also utilize geofencing to make sure customers are ordering products from the store closest to them—keeping their commute to the store or delivery time is as short as possible.

Instead of opting to ignore the sea change in the pet industry, owners can instead choose to rise with the tide. By offering more opportunities for customers to interact with their brand, pet store operators can ensure their customers won’t be heading to online retailers anytime soon.


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