Supreme Petfoods Introduces Grain-Free Food for Small Animals




After the successful launch of its Selective Naturals treats for small pets, Supreme Petfoods has introduced its grain-free Select Naturals food for rabbits and guinea pigs. The decision to create the new line was influenced by feedback from almost 700 small pet owners, with 93 percent saying they believed that there was a benefit to feeding pets grain-free food.


“We’ve never seen such strong support for a product proposition and the need is just not currently being met in the US market,” said Claire Hamblion, marketing manager at Supreme Petfoods. “If you thought naturals were good for business, just wait and see what Selective Naturals Grain Free does!”


The company carried out an online survey in July and found emphatic support for the natural category, with 97 percent saying they would like to feed natural food which they perceived to be food that included grass or hay, wild or foraged ingredients and simple recipes. When asked what cereals they would look for in a food, 71 percent said they would choose grain-free.



“Based on this feedback we’ve developed a food that really fits the bill,” said Hamblion. “Selective Grain Free is fully extruded and respects the natural diet by being rich in tasty Timothy Hay and garden vegetables and contains no corn or wheat. It’s high in fiber and is fortified with vitamins and minerals for nutritional balance with no added sugars or artificial colors.”


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