Sustainably Yours Partners with Canadian Distributors



Sustainably Yours partnered with Canadian distributors Maddies Natural Pet Products and Leis Pet Distributing Inc. 


“We are very excited about all of the opportunities that teaming up with Maddies and Leis are presenting to us,” said Andre Santos, sales director at Petfive, parent company of Sustainably Yours. “In working with these companies, I’m impressed to see how open the Canadian market is to embracing sustainability, making these Canadian partnerships perfect for our all-natural product.“


Maddies is a western Canadian distributor that aims to provide quality environmentally-friendly pet food and products. Leis supplies pet food, products and accessories to eastern Canada. 


Sustainably Yours’ cat litter clumps and stops odors due to its blend of corn and cassava. It has a lighter color, which helps pet owners keep a cleaner litter box and to pick up on any abnormalities in their cat’s urine. Sustainably Yours comes in Multi-Cat and Multi-Cat Plus, for extra odor control, and both come in 13 lb. or 26 lb. bags. 


A portion of the proceeds from every bag sold goes directly to the Rainforest Trust, an organization dedicated to sustain threatened rainforests and natural habitats worldwide.


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