Sustainably Yours Teams Up With Pet Food Experts



Petfive Brands partnered with Pet Food Experts to distribute its Sustainably Yours naturally-clumping cat litter to more than 4,500 independent retailers in over half the U.S.


“We’re extremely enthused that Pet Food Experts will be distributing our new line,” said Pedro Bastos, CEO at Petfive. “It’s the latest milestone in a long list of accomplishments since we launched this brand, and it’s only a few months old.”


Sustainably Yours is made from a unique blend of corn and cassava, two natural, renewable and biodegradable crops that clump and stop odors. This litter is lighter in color, making it easier to detect changes in the cat’s urine. Sustainably Yours is flushable, low dust, chemical and fragrance-free. Every time a bag is purchased, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to help support the Rainforest Trust. Sustainably Yours is available in Multi-Cat and Multi-Cat Plus.


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