TEEF! To Share Dog Dental Product at SuperZoo



Primal Health, LLC’s, a life sciences company, pet dental care brand, TEEF!, will bring its dog dental care product to SuperZoo.


The company will present its patented prebiotic dental care technology as a water additive in powder form that makes the difficult task of daily dental care as easy as scoop, add, drink.


“Our plant-derived prebiotic technology differs from current approaches that only mask the symptoms of dental disease or endanger the health of their users,” says founder of TEEF! Dr. Emily Stein, “TEEF! actually targets the root cause where they do the most damage, below the gum line.”


TEEF!'s patented formula, Protektin, is clinically proven to stop bacteria from causing dental disease in both humans (tested for eight years) and dogs (tested for four years). The company includes four, 100 percent safe, concentrated ingredients that naturally function like a molecular toothbrush when added to drinking water. The low-calorie, mess-free, hassle free, human-grade water additive cleans pet’s mouths every time they drink.


Protektin’s ingredients also work to naturally balance the oral microbiome by using nutrients that empower good bacteria while eliminating disease-associated bacteria.


Dr. Stein created TEEF! originally to help her own grandmother maintain better daily dental hygiene. After she saw similar life-threatening health issues in her rescue pup, Tinzley, she created a version for furry companions, too.


“We are thrilled to bring TEEF! to this year’s SuperZoo and look forward to sharing the many benefits with all who attend,” said Dr. Stein, “The show will also be the perfect opportunity for us to launch and showcase our new retail-friendly designed packaging. We can’t wait to see you there!”   


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