Team Fluff Wins Puppy Bowl XVI



The Kansas City Chiefs may have been victorious at Super Bowl LIV, but it was Team Fluff who were top dogs in the biggest game this Sunday: the Puppy Bowl.

The annual televised event from Animal Planet pits two teams of adorable puppies against each other to see which side can score the greatest number of touchdowns (aka accidentally bring a dog toy into the endzone of a pup-sized football stadium). And, of course, the champions take home the coveted “Lombarky” Trophy.

The spectacle is made all the more entertaining by the Kitty Half-Time show, featuring Jenni-purr Lopez and Cat-ira, hamster scorekeeper, and goat and armadillo cheerleaders. Plus, Puppy Bowl fans will be happy to hear that Dan Schachner returned for his ninth year as “rufferee.”

The entire event isn’t just adorable, though; it’s also meant to promote pet adoption. This year’s game featured 96 adoptable puppies from 61 animal shelters and rescue organizations across the U.S.

Five of the players had special needs, including a three-legged Labrador Retriever mix, two hearing-impaired pups and two dogs with cleft palates. The other special needs player, a sight- and hearing-impaired Chow and Lab mix named Bumble, even won the title of MVP after garnering a whopping 70% of the online vote.

Sixty-four older dogs also got in on the action on Saturday during the third annual Dog Bowl. One return player, a 17-year-old Bichon Frise named Karlie, also became one of the first inductees to the Dog Bowl Hall of Fame.

Unfortunately, since the games are filmed months prior, many of the players have already found fur-ever homes. But, if you can still check out all of the pooches still available from participating organizations at


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