Tetra Brand Improves App



Tetra Brand, of Spectrum Brands Pet, added and enhanced several new features to the My Aquarium app, helping fish keepers and seasoned hobbyists learn more about their favorite fish, what they need to thrive and the best way to set up aquariums.


“We want to give fish keepers the ideal resource to simplify the hobby, from setup to feeding to maintenance,” said John Pailthorp, vice president of marketing at Spectrum Brands Pet. “With the new helpful features in the My Aquarium app at their fingertips, consumers can now set up their tanks more successfully depending on their fish species and environment.”


The My Aquarium app's new features include aquarium setup guidance, where consumers can select the type of aquarium they’re building to receive advice on maintaining the healthiest aquarium possible; tank mate recommendations, which provides information on the different species that can coexist; aquarium capacity recommendations, where the app will identify if there’s too many or not enough of a species to help keep water quality balanced and healthy; and food recommendations, to ensure that fish get the nutrients they need to be vibrant and healthy.


These enhancements complement the app's existing features that help simplify water care and testing, set helpful reminders and keep track of products. The My Aquarium app also puts consumers one tap away from Tetra Brand's Customer Service website page if they need help with the app, Tetra products or have general fish questions.


“The ultimate goal of the My Aquarium app is to act as a go-to source for fish keeping answers so consumers can focus less on the details and more on enjoying this rewarding hobby,” said Palithorp.


The My Aquarium app is free and available on Android, Apple and Amazon phones.


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