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Pets today are considered members of the family, which means we want them to eat healthy, nutritious foods to help them live their best life. This is especially true with Essence Pet Foods. With so many pet food brands on the market today, Essence may be one you haven’t heard of, but the creators of Essence have a strong reputation in the pet food industry.

Essence Pet Foods is a premium pet food brand made with the highest quality ingredients and loaded with animal proteins. The recipes are very simple, with meat as the first ingredients and containing at least 85 percent animal or fish protein ingredients—the highest available on the market today—with ingredients sourced from all over the world.

Essence Pet Foods is a line of high-quality, limited ingredient dog foods created by Pets Global, Inc., located in Valencia, Calif. The recipes reflect the dog’s ancestral diet—protein-rich and limited in content. They are also free of grains, potatoes, and any other ingredient that doesn’t serve a natural, clean diet philosophy. The recipes are rounded out with such healthy ingredients as coconut flour, pumpkin, and chia seed oil.


Recipes Offered by Essence Pet Foods
The dog recipes for Essence Pet Foods contain more than one type of protein. This may be an issue for dogs who have food sensitives to a specific protein such as turkey, but for dogs who can eat more than one type of protein, it’s great news! Below are the recipes created by Essence Pet Foods:

Essence Ranch & Meadow Recipe
The Essence Ranch & Meadow Recipe is great for pet owners seeking a dog food loaded with powerful proteins. This recipe includes boar, goat, lamb and pork. It’s also free of potatoes, grains, chicken and fish, so customers who have a dog with a sensitivity to chicken may find that it does well on this recipe.

Essence Air & Gamefowl Recipe
This recipe comes packed with a range of proteins, including guinea fowl, duck, turkey and chicken. Essential vitamins and minerals are also included in the recipe and are balanced out with healthy vegetables such as pumpkin, which provide additional healthy nutrients and fiber.

Essence Ocean & Freshwater Recipe
If your customer has a dog who loves fish, the Essence Ocean & Freshwater recipe may be the perfect choice! This recipe comes complete with salmon, herring, sardines and mackerel. The recipe is rounded out with such vitamins and minerals as vitamin E supplement, D-calcium supplement and zinc proteinate, among others.

Essence LIR Recipes
Essence also creates limited-ingredient recipes for dogs that need to eat a simpler diet. They still include the high protein content of 85 percent animal or fish protein ingredients. Essence LIR utilizes two poultry or fish ingredients followed by two meals and two sources of fiber. It’s also free of legumes and gluten and is low in calories. Essence LIR recipes are available in a Landfowl Recipe, Ranch Recipe, and an Ocean Recipe.


Average Price Point for Essence Pet Foods
Essence Pet Food recipes for dogs are available in 4-lb., 12.5-lb., and 25-lb. bags, which range from $15.99 to $89.99. In addition to the dry recipes, Essence also creates matching wet can recipes that come in 13-oz. cans with a price point of $3.49.

Overall, if your customer has a dog with a specific food allergy, remember that each recipe uses more than one protein source. With that said, there’s a formula for even the fussiest of dogs; so if your customer’s dog can’t eat poultry, for example, then Essence Ocean & Freshwater or Essence Ranch & Meadow may be better options. With the variety of formulas and the use of more than one protein source, combined with essential vitamins and minerals, Essence is a great dog food that can satisfy dogs from all walks of life.

If you’re wanting to try a sample of Essence to see if it’s a good fit for your customers, simply click here, and Pets Global will send you a complimentary sample.

Latasha Ball is the Marketing Coordinator for Pets Global, the founders of pet food brands ZignatureFussie CatEssence Pet Foods, and Inception Pet Foods. She has more than 10 years of experience in marketing and public relations, in which she enjoys being able to combine her professional background with her passion for animals.


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