The Latest Trend in Pet Furniture



It’s no longer just pet brands that are manufacturing dog beds and cat hideaways—more and more popular furniture companies are expanding their selections to include products for animal companions. Familiar names like IKEA, Casper, Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel now offer pet beds, bowls and toys.


Many of the products offered by these companies are modeled off of those they provide to humans. Casper’s dog beds look like smaller versions of the company’s popular mattresses. Both IKEA and Pottery Barn offer dog beds shaped like mini couches. One of Crate & Barrel’s dog beds is even reminiscent of the cushions on a leather sofa.


Most of the items are patterned with simple, contemporary prints meant to seamlessly fit with a kitchen or living room’s décor. Items like feeders and treat jars are modern, understated and made from materials other than stainless steel and plastic. For example, Crate & Barrel’s Double Bowl Feeder features square stoneware bowls that fit in a wooden stand, while Pottery Barn’s Cambria Pet Treat Canister looks like a simple ceramic jar that could contain any sort of food. The only indication that it’s a pet product is a small pawprint on its side.


Some of the companies even offer toys and other accessories. IKEA has a fabric cat tunnel, rubber balls for fetch, a cat hideaway and a scratch mat. Crate & Barrel has soft dog toys shaped like food items and even carries peanut butter dog treats.


In expanding their pet product selections, these furniture companies could pose a serious threat to manufacturers that only specialize in pet products. In offering pet items alongside furniture, these companies are capitalizing off of the pervasive humanization of pets. It helps that these pet products are often specifically designed to match the brand’s human offerings.


These furniture companies are also providing greater convenience to pet owners who enjoy one-stop shopping. In buying a couch, pet parents could find it appealing to tack on a pet bed that not only complements their purchase but saves them an additional trip to the store.


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