The Most Popular Dog Names for 2017



While some people may look down on you for naming your baby after your favorite “Stranger Things” character, fur babies are a little different. According to’s fifth annual report, owners found inspiration for their pups’ monikers in everything from TV to travel in 2017.

Each year, analysts from (billed as the largest network of pet sitters and dog walkers) dig into their database to identify the biggest dog name trends. While traditional human names account for 44 percent of all dog names, others are a little more unique. Here are some of the key findings from this year’s report:

1. Girl Power
One of the biggest trends is an increase of names inspired by powerful women, both fictional and real-life figures. After this year’s blockbuster film, Wonder Woman-themed names are up 45 percent. While the name Atwood increased a whopping 200 percent in the wake of the breakout TV series “Handmaid’s Tale.”

2. Pop Culture Influence
According to’s data, 53 percent of dog owners (75 percent of which were millennials) named their canine after a celebrity or movie, TV or book character. The Netflix series “Stranger Things” boosted names like Barb (up 182 percent) and Eleven (166 percent) while Games of Thrones names, such as Khaleesi, Snow and Aria, were up 12 percent. The resurgence of Stars Ware sequels also increased the popularity of names like Leia and Rey by 70 percent.

3. 90’s Throwback
Dog owners were certainly feeling nostalgic this year; references to ‘90s icons like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Spice Girls and Harry Potter made up 3 percent of all dog names in 2017.

4. Destination Dogs
In an ever-globalizing society, pet parents are looking to foreign and domestic locales for great dog names. Five of the most popular city-inspired names were Sydney, Dallas, Rio, Phoenix and Savannah.

The Top 10 Male/Female Dog Names in 2017
#1. Max/Bella
#2. Charlie/Lucy
#3. Cooper/Daisy
#4. Buddy/Luna
#5. Jack/Lola
#6. Rocky/Sadie
#7. Oliver/Molly
#8. Bear/Maggie
#9. Duke/Bailey
#10. Tucker/Sophie

To see the full list of top 100 dog names, visit


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