The Straight Poop on Coprophagia



In talking to their customers, retailers might come across a common issue among dog owners: their pooch eats poop. Retailers should be prepared to offer both information and advice about this problem in order to help their customers.


The first thing that retailers should explain to their customers is that this behavior, which is referred to as coprophagia, is not unusual. Wolves in the wild also consume feces, so this behavior might be left over from when dogs weren’t domesticated.


Retailers should also make their customers aware of the fact that there might be several reasons a dog is eating feces. The issue could be related to boredom, diet or a lack of attention. It could also be caused by health problems including digestion difficulties, stress or worms and other intestinal parasites. Dogs are more likely to contract these parasites if they are eating the feces of other animals rather than just their own.


Retailers can offer both advice and products to help customers deal with this issue. In addition to telling customers to closely watch their dogs on walks and in dog parks, they can also advise giving a dog plenty of toys and attention to prevent boredom. Dog owners can also get down and dirty by coating stool with foul-tasting substances like lemon juice and hot sauce. If a customer thinks the issue might be stem from health problems, retailers should advise them to take the dog to the vet.


In addition to suggesting dog toys that prevent boredom, retailers can also suggest leashes and collars that give pet owners more control of their dogs on walks such as the HALTI All-in-One Lead from The Company of Animals. They can also offer supplements that prevent dogs from consuming stool. NaturVet’s Coprophagia Deterrent Plus Breath Aid Dog Soft Chews are formulated to prevent dogs from eating feces and freshen their breath.


By being prepared to offer advice and products to help with common pet issues, retailers can prove their worth to customers and build a relationship based on trust and understanding.


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